From Cryptographic Subjectivity to Invaluable Intrinsics

In this fierce competition that cryptocurrencies embark on, a fundamental aspect stands out and it is to have and to define well what one has as intrinsic value. The gradual exchange of many of the things we need is given by the need to want them or not, and it is only under this precept that the interactions of trade are defined and the laws of the market are given life. Ignoring this would definitely put an end to the existence of the system as such and would only limit us to a gradual change without any purpose of growth.

Gold in itself is a market of more than 6000 years, desired by many, appellation of value in many things at industrial, commercial and even aesthetic level, but not necessarily at the same time or with the same intensity in many places. Its value varies in relation to the demand that is given at different times, hence its variation and its movements in the exchange.

The insistent criticism, beyond some particularities in energy consumption, has also focused on the intrinsic value, as a lack within Bitcoin (BTC), Etherium (ETH) and all the other cryptos that make life in the digital space. Their issuance leaves only doubts as to what is the contribution of these and other particularities that are not clarified by the mere existence of these coins and tokens. However, the reality of so much ignorance together shows that it is an unfounded denial in the emptiness of concepts proportional to the full potential of cryptocurrencies and its great particularity is exposed in that no government can technically prevent its use.

The centralized value has a high cost and denies any intrinsic value that any material, metal or paper may have, and this also applies to gold delegating its use to other areas to accept and maintain a value that the market needs and thus continue to serve the speculations, really limiting its value.

Cryptos will face, in the near future, a regulation properly given by entities that see them as a form of dominance, but with only a forced intervention due to the lack of credibility reflected in their currencies. Even with their intervention they intend to compete on the basis of their own digital currencies in order to issue a presence that separates the existence and attention of tokens such as BTC, ETH, LTC, ADA XRP, among others.

The marginal utility of cryptocurrencies is in the process of adapting new values that prevent it from decreasing and base its value on subjectivity. The new forms that build ecosystems like Etherium and all its layers 2 are only a part of what decentralization and true independence really means. A way to develop value in other areas and with other developments.

The change is a new adaptation of value, the times and even the market demand it, new actors who participate in new ways of managing the economy but in the same field. It is normal to see resistance from the old players, but it is only a matter of time before their arguments become inversely intrinsic to reality.

As usual in the construction of these articles I leave links to some sites that reinforce and deepen the concepts mentioned here. At the end of this paragraph you can see the material on which this information was elaborated.




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