Fortnite on the attack

Fortnite on the attack

I think everyone in this medium is familiar with this online game. A video game created in 2017 by the Epic Games company. The modules have managed to climb in the public, reaching a position with numbers exceeding 3.5 million downloads worldwide.

The reasons that attribute a writing of this marvelous game is the reply that it currently has with large corporations such as Apple and Google, a problem that brings to the fore the dominance that large companies have in extending their monopoly by weakening the channels of income and financing that could have this game.

Basically the problem is that the company Epic Games decided to advance with its own payment processor for its direct financing among users and their interaction with the game, cutting off the exaggerated royalty channels, reaching 30%, requested by Google and Apple and seriously affecting the earnings of this video game, which is why these companies withdrew Fortnite from their application centers.

As we can see, this type of action only limits the initiative and growth that can be generated in this type of fast growing environment. If we evaluate how they can benefit from altcoins, the infinity of benefits in development is enormous, having different types of self-financing, relying on the native tokens of the ecosystems generated and backed by a blockchain.




The technology of videogames and the cryptographic world is unique and the synergy they produce is one of the engines that drives the world of altcoins; many examples to the fore, ETH, EOS, BAT, XTZ, among many others.

This example of Fortnite once again brings to the fore how the domain of monopolies wants to convert, centralize and neutralize all technological initiatives.

Many may not agree with the claim and the audacity of this company, that they only want things to be easy in support of these large companies, such as Apple or Google, but this is just the beginning of many centralizations, today they are only games And applications, tomorrow your finances, especially in this inevitable path towards digitization and if a precedent is not set, the cryptographic world will not be well taken advantage of by those who want a different world....

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