Crack-Up Boom

In economics nothing is ruled out, that is why in atypical situations all analyses have space in a not so distant horizon. Certainly the financial situation invites us to analyze and also to speculate on ideas that have a fairly solid historical basis, which gives us the credibility to generate serious arguments on quite probable scenarios.

Excess liquidity seems to emerge as the only solution to protect a political rather than a social system, and invites us to participate in the never-ending cycle of liabilities that drags us into inflationary scenarios and sharply rising interest rates, even hypo-inflationary in some places. All economies are at a very delicate point, leaving aside this capital injection is a very expensive risk that no one is willing to take.

The leverage of this debt is only a marker of the boiling point over which we are exposed and only sound strategies will be able to counteract market distortions. With the statements of US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, now more than ever the weakness of the dollar is emphasized and anything that is supported by this debt will be dragged into a never-ending tailspin. This is why our security should be focused on those assets that fully support us, of course, we are talking about assets quite desirable with corrections such as gold or silver and also Bitcoin (BTC).

Part of this crypto stake as a store of value is further proof that the digital age is focused on the right side of history, they are simply defined as our only defense against the impending crack-up boom that is formed by the fear of holding cash and getting rid of it as soon as possible. Holding assets that cannot be confiscated is the smartest move an investor can make, and BTC gives us that play against all these repeated and empty policies.

The meaning of BTC is more attached to a store of value rather than a generator of it, and this is why it is the perfect player in this minefield of pitfalls we are facing. Central banking is in a compromising and difficult position to reverse the monetary policies acquired to face this atypical situation we have with the pandemic.

However, unlike gold or silver, BTC is a money of its own, with a fixed and finite supply, tied to speculations like any other valuable asset whose growth is limited. To think in the future is to think in fractions of satochis and not in cents.

The best solution is to win from within, to get ahead of these market elites, in the long term to position oneself with hard reserves, BTC is the best option and the one for a future more adapted to the digital era. New opportunities are emerging and this crack-up boom will be the financial pandemic that will dismantle systems and bring new interactions. Alternatives are already being built and establishing the development of productive ecosystems.


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