All roads lead to London

All roads lead to London

The path becomes more evident and the route to be followed takes us as a destination to London. An update status that we wait to see how the full potential of the Etheriun (ETH) network exploits before the arrival of Serenity. The truth is that this EIP-1559, which arrives in mid-July, will change the rules of the game and will prove that Nakamoto's idea of a new vision lies in the codes of ETH.

Undoubtedly, we are currently seeing incredible records in the price of ETH, however, it is little for all the potential that this public blockchain represents and its vast development environment with which projects of original nature are supported and with the history of creations that initially had their birth in this environment. The vast majority of derivatives and synthetic products that we know of within the crypto ecosystem took place in ETH, the other representations are simply a copy of the competition.

The economy that is creating ETH is changing paradigms and it is no wonder that it is actually called the backbone of financial cryptography. Satochi's vision would be closer to what is currently running at ETH.

Time will change some trends, and it is precisely how ETH will begin to shed the shadow it has with Bitcoin (BTC), a dominance that with London will prove that it is capable of creating its own strength and being the new cornerstone of many currencies, a unique moment in the development of this financial system.

Of course, from Byzantium to Constantinople, from Istanbul to Berlin, each of these updates has allowed ETH to work at various points in its main network. The roadmap outlined has been able to meet the objectives such as the way in which the new application programming interfaces (APIs) will be integrated, or the improvements in data tracking, improving scalability and the way in which smart contracts are preserved. . Certainly also, with London, a solution has been completed to attack the huge commissions that have dismembered users, limiting the vast majority to stop operations on the network.

In London we will be able to see a complete change in the consensus and the establishment of a fixed income for commissions, executing the non-return of these to the network and literally burning them, giving rise to a unique transformation in ETH, making it deflasional. It is clear that this last concept will have an incredible influence on the price of this token.

BTC is already working as a store of value, a position far removed from what Satoshi actually had. In ETH, something clearer is presented for this new financial environment. If the roadmap on improvements is implemented as expected on the ETH blockchain, it would not be out of place to see this token hovering between $ 5,000 and $ 8,000. But with a more open mind, and taking into account the scalability improvements, speed with the zk-rollups, the Optimism of layer 2 for the correct massification, and if to that we add all the sidechains implemented in this layer for the decrease costs, security and other expected developments, it would be considered in figures higher than $ 10,000 per token.

This is not investment advice, and you should reinforce your concepts with your own research, but you have countless ways to get that reinforcement that will make you see the explosion that will soon be in the ETH network, a blockchain that will move the world and make it. See how the new form of digital interaction, unique, under a 3.0 business scheme.

Also I leave the links of some articles that helped me a lot in the construction of this writing. It would really help reinforce these definitions and help you make a judgment about this topic.


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