Adaptation....then Evolution...Nothing Will Change

Adaptation....then Evolution...Nothing Will Change

With the exodus of forced capital resulting from mining, the market dynamics have taken a different course, delegating more time to a change of strategy that is not altered by long-term manifestations. The evolution of technology is given by the need to change and grow over time as a society to demonstrate a more updated civilization that is detached from many factors that radically alter problematic episodes that try to be avoided.

This is how we see in cryptocurrencies an advance as a unit, a complete perception of our being in a time according to the advances that surround us. Digital currencies, in a way, exist to give us back a property of value that we have lost with the use of many forms of exchange, including gold and silver. The tokens we know, especially Bitcoin (BTC), exist to "dematerialize," in Michael Saylor's words, property and bring it to life through the blockchain. Under this tutelage, BTC will come to absorb the properties of gold, silver and any other material or commodity, the blockchain will have a reason to materialize the real essence of things, without inflated measurements or forced speculation.

Digital property, a frontier that is opening up to us with BTC, cryptocurrencies and other digital alternatives, a terrain where the play of technologies will give people that impulse to seek financial equity and much more that is conceptualized in the new intelligent value chain. The only trend to follow and study is the growing use of technology and how it is empowered by its presence in our integral way of life.

The main axis of change, at the moment, revolves around the concept of the financial system, a market full of fluctuations that only guarantees the permanence of debt with the constant flow of cash. BTC, for its short time is also subject to these changes, however, in the medium to long term this trend will change as it will be fully recognized as a unique store of value over other, even traditional ones, with unique characteristics such as scarcity and security.

At this point, and for fear of looking to the future, China is missing out on a dominant competitive advantage within its networks, mining. The strength of this point in the supply chain is vital to the security and reliability of BTC, and whoever masters this strength will have a significant head start in the changes the world will face. BTC mining forms a reliable network, the most efficient expression of digital property, and the energy consumption it uses is only a negligible portion of what is actually consumed and its destination. This network is already migrating its sources to renewable and more environmentally efficient energy sources, already exceeding 70%.

This digital ecosystem that revolves around the BTC is nothing more than representative blocks of a new world that breaks the limitations of the materiality that we live and that make us suffer with barriers and stimuli. Banks and institutions know it, governments know it, the whole financial debt chain knows it. What cannot be controlled is feared, and the BTC is made up of everything that cannot be regulated, in its essence, hence the measures against the industry.

The mining industry is adapting at the moment, these changes did not really mean much to the market which is simply waiting for stability in the hash to return to the bullish path. It is unfortunate that China does not share this ideal, but it knows it very well by taking these measures to give the field to its own digital currency. This opportunity is very representative for everyone, for new spaces to develop mining, for those who want to get into BTC, to be able to mark a geopolitical space on the map and to have a greater investment appeal. BTC is adopting a new characteristic, that of absorbing every quality and amplifying it, and this is not a secret.



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