The Types of People in Crypto

The Types of People in Crypto

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I hope you are all well and had a great weekend, welcome to CryptoGod-1's blog on all things crypto. Today I have done a light-hearted piece which takes a look a the different characteristics of people who find themselves in the crypto space. Hopefully you enjoy, and perhaps you will find yourself relating to one of these types of people? If you do see yourself in any of them I would love to know about it in the comments. Enjoy.



The 'Hopiumist'

I think this type of person is prevalent in everyone in the crypto space. No matter what you do in crypto, from being a Hodler to a trader, everyone has a bit of hopium within them that crypto will be the solution to their financial needs in life. Often they are blindly believing things will work out, and sometimes they do, but not always. While its good to have hope and belief in what you invest in, we all need to balance that with a slice of research and knowledge on the product behind the coin.




The 'Trader'

The best and worst person to be in the crypto space, depending on how good you are at it. The trader speculates on the price of a crypto, often Bitcoin, and spends their time on social sites to figure out any upcoming changes in the market which might happen. Regularly they are in a mood, which is always associated with the price of their given coins. The day trader in particular will either become very rich or loose everything depending on their trades and strategy, and most likely will die of a heart attack from the sheer pressure they are putting themselves under, when that candle turns green on their short position you can be certain they are ready to scream "f**k the world!!"




The 'Shiller'

We all know this person. Whether it be from forums, social media, or even in person, the shiller is the kind of person who is always pushing their favourite coin onto others. They will defend it till the very end of time as far as they are concerned, no matter how low its price drops or whatever negative news stories emerge from it, they are die hard fans and always will be. While the shiller is often very informed and knows their favourites coin inside and out, their opinion is generally biased due to the fact they hold a bag of said coin. Often they will try convince others to buy their own bag of this coin, so they can expand the community and have others to discuss this coin with. One thing is certain when it comes to a shiller, they will never listen to any reason or logic which goes against what they believe about their favourite coin.




The 'Know It All' Person

Similar in many ways to the shiller, this is the type of person who will always has an answer when it comes to blockchain and crypto topics at large. No matter what the topic is, this person will always have an opinion to offer, and often wont take kindly if someone disagrees with them. These people love to spend their days researching as much topics as possible in crypto and blockchain, will be the first to tell you about the latest breaking news story, and its a guarantee they will know the dates for all merges and forks before anybody else. Great as a source of reliable information, at least most of the time, but putting up with this person for a conversation of longer than five minutes can sometimes cost more to your mental health than its worth.




The 'I Don't Have a Clue' Person

The opposite of the know it all, this is the crypto investor who is either a total newb or just doesn't care to learn. To be fair lots of people in the crypto space are like this, and many fall into one of the next two categories also. They somehow found themselves in crypto, either through a friend or advertisement or just stumbled into the space and couldn't find a way out. They have invested without really understanding what they have invested in, and usually are perfectly happy with this. Things will either work out or not, but either way, they blindly decided to invest their life savings into crypto and are the last person anyone should look to for financial advice.




The 'Right Place Right Time' Person

This is the person we all wish to be, the person who got lucky. They bought crypto, mainly Bitcoin, back in the day for very low prices and made a fortune in either 2017 or 2021. Some bought because they believed in the long term future of it, some bought because they believed in a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, and some just simply because they needed Bitcoins to buy drugs on the dark web. They are seen as the pioneers and who we all want to be, and are often the reason why so many people enter crypto in the hope of becoming a millionaire and striking it rich. Not all will put it down to luck, but the truth is most likely none of these people ever really believed the Bitcoin they bought for 25 bucks would be worth 69k down the line.




The 'Wrong Place Wrong Time' Person

This is unfortunately who so many people in crypto are, the people who got dragged into the FOMO and bought in at crazy prices such as in May or November 2021. These are the opposite of the right place right time person, as they are the ones who didn't strike it rich from buying Bitcoin. They can be the people who bought back when the price was extremely low and sold their Bitcoin for 100$, they can be the people who lost access to the Bitcoin they bought back in the day and spend their time searching landfills for that old hard drive, or the really unlucky ones who bought Bitcoin or other crypto at all time high prices in 2017 or 2021. The really wrong place wrong time people are the ones who sold for a loss after buying the ATH, whereas at least the ones who bought for 10$ and sold for 100$ made some profits, even if its nowhere near the thousands and millions they could have made. A lot of these people end up falling into the category of haters down the line.




The 'I'm in it for the Tech' Person

We have all encountered this type of person in one way or another. Maybe its your friend who introduced you to crypto, maybe its an avid Redditor you find posting everyday day about the importance of the blockchain. They are the kind of people who know Satoshi's whitepaper inside and out, and have invested into crypto not for wealth, but because they believe in the future and potential of the technology. They will defend crypto, especially Bitcoin, with their life, and know the future will be a better one with the the wide-scale adoption possibilities of blockchain in all areas of life. They have lost all trust in financial institutions, mainly due to the financial crisis of 2008, and dream of a decentralized and uncontrolled world. An idealist, a dreamer, and someone who sees Blockchain giving freedom and access to people around the world in the same way the internet did. They don't worry about the price, they have no plans to sell, instead live off the belief that one day the price will be 1 million for a Bitcoin and they will be using it as their only currency.




The 'Hater'

This is the one we all dread becoming, the person who bought a "shitcoin" at its all time high price when they threw their life savings into it. A few days later that 10k which was supposed to help them retire early is worth about 10 quid. Anybody remember Titan/Iron for example. They don't really understand the blockchain or crypto in general, instead see it all as fraudulent and pathways for crime. Bitcoin and crypto are a Ponzi scheme, they need regulation are terms that would come to mind. No matter what their thoughts once were on crypto, because they lost it all with a rug pull and bad investment their viewpoint will always be negative when it comes to this space. The blame will always be on someone else and not themselves, but when crypto and blockchain achieve mass adoption they will be the first to say "thankfully they managed to regulate this scam and made something useful out of it".




The 'Scammer'

This type of person is found in all walks of life, and its no different when it comes to crypto. This person has one goal and that is to earn money, but not in a legitimate or legal way. They prey on the unknowledgeable people in the crypto space, and often have fake sites similar to real ones to lure in the unsuspecting want to be investors. Whether it is small time investors or people with large sums of cash, the scammer will target them all, and if they succeed you can rest assured your crypto assets are long gone. They are very knowledgeable in blockchain and moving crypto through wallets and sites via coins such as monero. They wont think twice about stealing from you, coercing anybody they can to get their private keys off of them.





I hope you enjoyed my post and the different types of characters I have encountered within the crypto space. While I am certain there are more types of people involved in crypto, I think this is a decent breakdown of the people around. Did you see yourself or your friends in any of the descriptions of the above people? I would love to know if you did, or if you think there are any more obvious characters I excluded.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.


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