NFT Giveaway - Flaming Skulls

NFT Giveaway - "Flaming Skulls"

Good day everyone,

I hope you are all having a lovely day. Welcome to cryptogod-1’s blog on all things crypto. Today we are going to look at a new piece of work I have added to my Abstract Collection on Opensea. The collection is a varied and select collection of art I have worked on over the previous year, and have been part of my giveaways. My latest piece, titled "Flaming Skulls" is available now and my latest giveaway. To get a free copy of this NFT just check out the instruction below.

How I Made The Work

The artwork was made as a mixture of AI generative art, which I then enhanced and changed with my won adaptions in a program known as GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), which is very similar to Photoshop. The initial AI generated art was made using an online platform known as Night Café Creator. It is a generative art creator which can enhance and manipulate existing images, or create AI artwork from text prompts. I used the text prompt and simply added in  my desire of skull of flames along with a few key characteristics. After a few enhancements, I was happy with the result. From there I brought the work into GIMP and cut away any parts I was not happy with. Once I had that completed, I proceeded to add the blue and red flames, along with the selection of skulls in the foreground. 


The artwork itself is somewhat based on the idea of pain within the human form. The centrepiece is an abstract version of a skull, with colourful flames encroaching its space. There are three sockets for eyes instead of two, as the mind sees the world through our two eyes, but the mind itself is our third eye. Around the edges of the piece, it is lined with more flames which represent the pain ones mind can feel, while the tomb of broken and forgotten skulls around it representing the memories of our past.

Flaming Skulls


There are a total of 250 copies of the NFT available, and I am aiming to try giveaway 200 of them to the general public, retaining 50 for myself for general sale. The work is available on Opensea for anybody who wishes to check it out, and you can find a link to the NFT here:


Reason for Giveaway

The giveaway is being done as I have just released the latest batch of 25 in my Ape-Man Brain Collection. This collection now has 125 different NFTs within, each perfect as a profile picture and each having their own unique characteristics. They are all complied and created based off the human brain, giving different artwork and style to each NFT in the collection. They are on sale for 0.0011 ETH, with each new batch having seen the price increase. Over twenty have been sold so far and hopefully many more to follow. Below are a few examples of the work in the latest release.



How To Win a Copy of "Flaming Skulls" 

The giveaway is fairly simple, all you have to do is follow the simple rules I have set out below.



Other Work I Have Made

Some of my other works that I have created include my Abstract Collection, which you can find on here: Abstract Collection

Giants Causeway - Some photography which I created an abstract version of, link to the collection on - Giants Causeway Ireland

Flower Collection - A collection of adaptions created from an original hand-drawn sketch, link to the collection on - Flower Sketch Collection

Ape-Man Brain - This is a collection with 125 unique NFTs made so far, with more being added down the line. Great for profile pictures and a fun collection in general, they are all adaptions created from a MRI of the brain, link to the collection on - Ape-Man Brain



I hope you enjoyed reading about my work, and feel free to take part in the Giveaway.

Have a wonderful day.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.



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