Mapping the World in the 21st Century

Mapping the World in the 21st Century

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I hope you are all having a great day. Welcome to CryptoGod-1's blog on all things crypto. Today I will be doing a write up about Upland as part of the UplandWealthBuilding Contest here on Publish0x. This is another great opportunity for writes to express their views and thoughts on a relevant crypto topic with the chance to win ETH as rewards. I have been using Upland for over a year now and am delighted to write about it, hopefully it will be relevant and beneficial for anybody interested in learning about the world of play2earn crypto gaming.



What is Upland?

Known as, this is a blockchain game which is part of a metaverse focused on ownership of NFT parcels which are set out as property. The location of these NFT properties are mapped as lots, taken from the real world and create a true digital economy according to the creators. The unique feature of this game is that it aims to take away the difference between the real and digital world, allowing users to invest in property which earns more of the digital token UPX for the owner. The aim of the game is to get your hands on as much property as possible within your chosen location, currently a variety of cities in the USA, and expand your empire while growing your wealth.

Founded in Silicon Valley, the team behind the game are Dirk Lueth, Mani Honigstein and Idan Zuckerman. They have research and development divisions set up in Ukraine, at least before the Russian invasion, while also employing further team members across Europe and the US. They plan on furthering the scale of the upland metaverse through incorporating a gateway which allows users to import NFTs from other blockchains, make use of drivable cars in the metaverse, development of residential and commercial property, along with introducing a business element to the game. Add on top of this the determination to add further cities from the US and in time from around the world, and Upland is pushing forward as a leader in the metaverse and play to earn industry.

With play to earn gaming, or P2E, combined with NFTs becoming a dominant force in the gaming space, Upland is certainly a leader in the GameFi sector. While most of us know of DeFi, traditional gaming, and NFTs, Upland is a P2E game which is a combination of the three. The beauty of Upland is how it has established its earning model, which is unique compared to any traditional game, which involves property ownership or urban development. This means all users will have a fair opportunity and chance at growing, developing, and earning from interacting with the game. As Upland earns its users UPX even when a player is not online, it adds even more benefits to being a member of the Upland space.




Upland Economy

So how does Upland work, and how do users earn from participating in the game? The first thing new users need to do is sign up via their email account when they log in to The game is available on web browser, iOS, and Android. New players can make use of a tutorial video to get to grasps with the game, or dive straight in the enjoy the benefits straight away. 


Block Explorer

Once a user has chosen a block explorer, which basically works as your avatar in Upland. They are very beneficial in unlocking the variety of activities in the game, as the block explorer goes on a random journey around the city map and can allow users to purchase available property it stumbles upon. On top of that, it can find hidden gems within the game, and depending on its journey can locate large sums of UPX for its user.

Block Explorer



New users get a free amount of UPX, from 3000 to 6000, which acts as the main digital currency within the game. There is always the option to purchase more in game, but the free amount at the beginning is more than enough to acquire ones first property. As the in game currency, UPX is a peer-to-peer trustless method of exchange while being implemented as a utility token. This is created from the EOSIO token system contract, which is a way of creating and managing the implementation of tokens.



Property - Buy & Sell

There are a variety of ways to acquire property in upland, the most popular being clicking the building icon and seeing a list of available properties. As the block explorer goes through the city it also discovers more properties available to purchase, which a user can see as highlighted in green when they look through the city. The marketplace will list re-sale properties, which other users as looing to relinquish for a set amount of UPX. A user can also make offers on owned properties which are not listed for sale, in the hopes their offer might entice the existing owner to sell. Once you have property you will earn a monthly fee of UPX from it, while there is always the option of selling your property in the marketplace. Simply view your property overview and list it for sale at whatever price in UPX feels right.



Newest Additions - Metaventures

Buckle up, as racing is heading to Upland with a fully immersive experience within the metaverse. The cars will be fully in 3D and allow users to take part in a new economy, be set by goods and services requirements along with enhancing a new utility for the block explorers. They will serve as the driver of the vehicles, allowing for unique and individual traits along with the ability to train as part of the "racing academy."

The cars wont maintain themselves, and that is why NFT manufacturing will be another part of the Upland world. Users will be able to manufacture vehicles, along with other items such as outdoor décor and structure ornaments for their properties and vehicles. This will help to empower and diversify the Upland metaverse, becoming the first metaverse to incorporate such a feature.

The existing marketplace will be enhanced with showrooms, as a place for users to place their newly created NFTs for sale, including cars, outdoor décor, structure ornaments, and more. Individuals will be able to utilize public showrooms or even create their own to showcase their collections.

To promote the secondary market within Upland the creators have signed up 40 new beta participants who will be opening their very own fan shops within the metaverse. The existing economy of NFLPA Legits will be enhanced even further through this venture.

Block explorers will soon be sellable by users also, as BE shops will allow for custom designed and branded explorers. All players will be able to make use of this feature, creating another way of earning UPX within Upland. Merchants will also be able to sell items on behalf of other users, taking a commission for the sale in the process.

The catch? Well, its not so much a catch as a further extension of the real world into the Upland Metaverse, whereby users of the various new metaventures will be required to pay a monthly tax, called venture dues, within the metaverse. This will be like a rent for making use of the services, adding more realism and depth to the game. The dues will be variable, depending on the median UPX contribution made from metaventure owners to the Upland Community Pool. 

Upland Lama




Things are going full throttle in Upland throughout 2022, as the community looks to grow and develop as one of the leading metaverses in existence. Long term users will know who frequently the game has produced new features and updates throughout 2021, but the revamp and expansion of the economy in 2022 will be a real game changer. Users will have an even more realistic and lifelike metaverse to explore and enjoy, while being able to earn additional UPX through the new features. Whether its through racing or delivering, manufacturing or secondary sales, the new metaventures is going to offer even more variety and experience for all users of Upland. Join in now to experience the mapped out version of the real world on Upland.



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I hope you enjoyed the article and good luck to everyone as part of the contest.

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