Euro 2024 Draw

UEFA EURO 2024 Draw

By cryptogod-1 | CryptoGod-1 : Sports | 2 Dec 2023

Good day everyone,

I hope you are all well and had an excellent weekend so far, welcome to CryptoGod-1’s blog on all things sports. In this post I will be looking at the recent EURO 2024 draw which took place in on Saturday the 2nd of December 2023. The groups have been allocated and schedule set for the tournament set to take place in Germany next year.


Group Draw

Group A







Group B







Group C







Group D

Play-off winner A






Group E

Play-off winner B






Group F

Play-off winner C



Czech Republic




Below is a breakdown of the schedule for the tournament in Germany, with the dates and location of each match shown. The opening fixture will see hosts Germany playing it out against Scotland in the same stadium where the final will be played on the 14th of July 2024.


Group Stage

June 14
Germany vs Scotland (Munich)

June 15
Spain vs Croatia (Berlin)
Italy vs Albania (Dortmund)
Hungary vs Switzerland (Cologne)

June 16
Serbia vs England (Gelsenkirchen)
Play-off winner A vs Netherlands (Hamburg)
Slovenia vs Denmark (Stuttgart)

June 17
Austria vs France (Dusseldorf)
Belgium vs Slovakia (Frankfurt)
Romania vs Play-off winner B (Munich)

June 18
Portugal vs Czech Republic (Leipzig)
Turkey vs Play-off winner C (Dortmund)

June 19
Croatia vs Albania (Hamburg)
Scotland vs Switzerland (Cologne)
Germany vs Hungary (Stuttgart)

June 20
Spain vs Italy (Gelsenkirchen)
Denmark vs England (Frankfurt)
Slovenia vs Serbia (Munich)

June 21
Play-off winner A vs Austria (Berlin)
Netherlands vs France (Leipzig)
Slovakia vs Play-off winner B (Dusseldorf)

June 22
Play-off winner C vs Czech Republic (Hamburg)
Turkey vs Portugal (Dortmund)
Belgium vs Romania (Cologne)

June 23
Switzerland vs Germany (Frankfurt)
Scotland vs Hungary (Stuttgart)

June 24
Croatia vs Italy (Leipzig)
Albania vs Spain (Dusseldorf)

June 25
Netherlands vs Austria (Berlin)
France vs Play-off winner A (Dortmund)
England vs Slovenia (Cologne)
Denmark vs Serbia (Munich)

June 26
Czech Republic vs Turkey (Hamburg)
Play-off winner C vs Portugal (Gelsenkirchen)
Slovakia vs Romania (Frankfurt)
Play-off winner B vs Belgium (Stuttgart)

Rest days on June 27 and 28


Round of 16

June 29
37 1A vs 2C (Dortmund)
38 2A vs 2B (Berlin)

June 30
39 1B vs 3A/D/E/F (Cologne)
40 1C vs 3D/E/F (Gelsenkirchen)

July 1
41 1F vs 3A/B/C (Frankfurt)
42 2D vs 2E (Düsseldorf)

July 2
43 1E vs 3A/B/C/D (Munich)
44 1D vs 2F (Leipzig)

Rest days on 3 and 4 July



July 5
45 W39 vs W37 (Stuttgart)
46 W41 vs W42 (Hamburg)

July 6
47 W43 vs W44 (Berlin)
48 W40 vs W38 (Dusseldorf)

Rest days on 7 and 8 July


The semi-finals

July 9
49 W45 vs W46 (Munich, 8pm)

July 10
50 W47 vs W48 (Dortmund, 8pm)

Rest days on July 11, 12 and 13


EURO 2024 Final

July 14
W49 vs W50 (Berlin, 8pm)





Three places remain up for grabs in the group stages of EUEO 2024, as shown by the "play-off" winner tags from the group draw. These play-off's have already been drawn and the semi-finals will take place on Thursday the 21st of March 2024. The three finals will take place on Tuesday the 26th of  March 2024.




Exciting times ahead for all the nations involved as they now know their opponents at EURO 2024 and can start to make plans of how to navigate their way to winning the competition.

Have a great day.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.


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