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Good day everyone,

I hope you are all well and having a great day, welcome to CryptoGod-1's blog on all things gaming and literature. Today I am going to do a quick write up on a nifty and very handy app, especially for writers looking to share their affiliate links.



Developed in Australia by Alex Zaccaria, Anthony Zaccaria, and Nick Humphreys, Liniktree is a freemium social media reference landing page. It allows users to contain all of their links, whether to social media, crypto trading, blogs, or anywhere they wish to direct their followers. It allows users to create a personalized and customizable page where all of their important links are stored. This makes a one stop shop for your audience, allowing them to click on one link which in turn brings them to all the possible available links. By condensing all links into one easy click, it means when writing things like Blogs on Publish0x a user can provide one link at the end of their article, instead of multiple links. It aids the discovery of a users work, brand, or business. Once a user has created their Linktree link they will never need to change it again. They simply copy and share it, allowing others to follow it to their Linktree page. Within are all the links and if a user needs to update anything, they update their links within Linktree and maintain the original Linktree link elsewhere. Linktree is also available in two tiers, a free tier and a ‘pro’ paid tier.



How Does Linktree Work

Linktree creates a landing page on their site, which can feature multiple links to your own sites. All a user needs to do is sign up and create their landing page, then copy and paste their own links into their Linktree page. These can be links to anything where follows can keep up with your progress, for example to you blog or YouTube channel, your Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter, or even to your own store page.

You can then customise how your landing page looks, from the style and theme to the fonts, even adding animated backgrounds and highlight priority links. There is also a feature to schedule when new links will go live.

Linktree also has an analytics section when shows users which of their links are performing the best, and how to enhance their traffic. The more enhanced analytics are a part of the paid features.


Free features

The free account allows a user access to a large amount of features. They include:

  • Embedding as many links as required, no limit on your landing page.
  • Collect payments from followers via tips and donations.
  • Limited customisation.
  • Limited analytics including tracking views and clicks on your Linktree.


Paid-for features

The paid for features account is packed full of additional features, and costs roughly €8 per month.

  • Advanced customisation with more features and more upmarket themes. This can include adding a video to the background.
  • Potential to remove the Linktree logo and place your own logo / banner to take the central focus on the page.
  • More control with links such as scheduling, animating style and priority attention to links.
  • Tracking and analytics of followers goes more in-depth, allowing the measurement of performance, what's driving channels, and audience locations.
  • Integration of things such as Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Zapier and the Amazon Influencer Program.


Below is an example of some of the free images available as the landing page background for a user's Linktree.




Major Use Cases of Linktree

As stated on the Linktree site, one of the biggest and most prominent use of its application so far has been for influencers. They have a host of different influencers making use of their app, including those across the health and fitness, fashion, beauty, TikTok, and pet-fluencers groups. The use of Linktree allows them to push their sponsored content and affiliate products to their far reaching audience in one simple go. The app also allows them to data regarding how engaged their audience is, and which links are the most popular amongst them. Finally, it allows for their audience to follow them on all platforms and know all the available methods of keeping up with their influencer.

Now you might be thinking that's all well and good, but it doesn't really apply to your everyday schmuck. However, Linktree is for everyone, and whether you are a part time blogger, fully fledged writer, vlogger, or just want to grow your social media following with like minded people, then Linktree can be a great method to expand and interact with your audience. I am in no affiliated with Linktree, but already find it much easier copying in just the one link at the end of my articles rather than having multiple links to copy and paste, while ensuring they are all working correctly. Its certainly what I will be doing going forward in my articles and I would be delighted for all and any followers who check out my other work, such as on Medium, or even just pop over to Twitter and give me a follow.



Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Peace. CryptoGod-1.



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