Coming soon… Associated Press NFT marketplace

By Siffarr | Cryptoglyph | 16 Jan 2022

Associated Press NFTs minted on Polygon blockchain are set to launch on January 31st, 2022. As per AP, the profits from NFTs will be used to support unbiased journalism. The NFTs will feature works of current and former AP photojournalists. And every two weeks,  the Pulitzer prize winning photos will go on sale in the Marketplace. Each NFT will also include the original metadata of the picture, such as time, date, location, equipment, etc. 

AP is making NFTs available at a variety of price points, in an effort to be inclusive. Users can buy NFTs using a Credit Card or crypto wallets, at the time of launch Metamask will be supported. Users will also be able to buy, sell and trade the AP NFTs in the Marketplace. 

Mark your calendars, some epic NFTs are coming up for sale.

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