Is that an emerald?

By TellahtheSage | cryptogemfinder | 17 Feb 2021

...or just a green rock?
A tale of 3 tokens.  What do they have in common?  They are all green and have potential.  Still on the low end price wise, one of them has been around forever and just may be on the come back trail.  The other 2 are new kids on the block with some good ideas about the future of the game.  Let's start with rubic.

Rubic - This fella reared his ugly head just a few months ago in late 2020.  What everybody said was a pump n dump from a team that may or may not be known for that kind of thing seems poised to stick around and battle it's way on through the rest of what looks like a never ending bull run.  This is because what Rubic brings to the table is it's own exchange with cross-chain swaps.  On you can swap between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Matic.  Upcoming features include farming, and the ability to set limit orders.  It looks like it has survived it's first major pump without a total crash back down to earth and now might be the time to buy in.



Next up, Request.

Request - This is a token that has been around for a while.  It pumped way back in 2018 and crashed along with many others, no doubt leaving quite a few people holding heavy bags.  If they managed to trudge along with them this far, perhaps there could be a fresh wind on the horizon to fill their haggard sails.  Request's goal is to streamline accounting.  Their smart payment technology automates the data entry involved in book keeping to reduce error as well as the risk of fraud.  They are teamed up with Maker Dao and the price of Request is up 388% from where it was a year ago, 139% in the last month.  The roadmap on their website has a long list of in progress features they will be adding including a reputation system, and pay a fiat invoice with crypto.




Finally we have 2 Key.

2 Key - As far as I can tell, the idea that 2 Key has come up with hasn't been tried yet.  They want to incentivize people to share links by letting the participants earn a reward for clicks.  I will quote directly from their website "2 Key SmartLinks reward each person in a referral chain when a conversion occurs.  Powered by 2key protocol, SmartLinks granularly calculate rewards for each interaction with the SmartLink and credit them to each member of the referral chain following the Reputation Mining formula."  My experience with using the website makes me feel that it is a little unwieldly for the user.  You have to make and fund your own reward campaign.  As opposed to them just giving you a link that magically added funds to your wallet every time it is clicked, the way publish0x has its own rewards pool that allows you to tip people. 


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