How to dig

By TellahtheSage | cryptogemfinder | 12 Feb 2021

Some people follow the trends.
They buy Doge coin.  They buy Donut. 

Or they look for anything that costs less than a cent and hope for the best.

Yet other people gather as much information as they can by looking into the team who created the coin.  Almost every coin has their own website you can visit where they will give the lowdown about their tokenomics and functionality.  But even a coin that has everything in the world going for it doesn't give it a guarantee to moon.  

Let me share with you a method of spotting what could potentially be a good project based on group consensus and some innovative use of etherscan.

Go to the etherscan page of a project you already have confidence in.  For this example I will say Statera because all though everyone seems to have lost confidence in it, it is the first one that popped into my head.  It was the first token I learned of that was deflationary but the price seems to continue to drop.  Anyway, once you are on the etherscan page of Statera, click on the holders tab.  A list of wallet addresses will drop down.  Click on one of the wallet addresses.  On the page that opens click on the address again under where it says "Filtered by token holder". 


On the page that opens click on the drop down under Token: and you will be able to see what else is in the holders wallet.  Do this for 20 or so addresses and pay attention to projects you see more than once.  If there is a project that appears multiple times and you are unfamiliar with it, it is more than likely worth your time to at least take a look at the market cap, and from the their the team, and functionality etc.

Alt season is well under way and most people are probably already locked into those unknown projects that they are hoping will 100X, but for those still on the hunt and willing to dig, this method may give you the chance to run across some well hidden treasures.

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