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By Sushy141 | CryptoGamess | 24 Oct 2021

The wave of games with NFTs has become very popular in recent months, given the possibility of winning by playing, as well as a strong appreciation of the tokens behind these platforms. In this scenario, having new game tokens right at launch seems like a good chance of earning considerable profits. Based on the success of My Neighbour Alice, the Block Farm Club.


Block farm club is a game that brings innovation together with the blockchain. With this you will be able to play and receive tokens, energy, creatures, plants and gems within the game. These can be traded on and off the platform. Daily quests can be accomplished with the use of energy, you have a daily amount of energy to use and farm others, helping your companions and receiving gems and bonuses for achievement at the end of the mission completion.


About the game

The game consists of creating a farm where the entire ecosystem of plants, land, animals and seeds is composed of NFTs. As with the hit Plants vs Undead, you can start playing Block Farm Club with just 5 tokens.

Through the game, it is possible to collect gems, which can be converted into the BFC token. That is, the system is similar to current NFT games, where game rewards can be exchanged for the token — which can be converted into real-life cash.

How to play

You need to purchase at least 5 BFCs, which are the tokens for you to start playing.

You can buy on two platforms, the Pancakeswap with pairs: BUSD > BFC USDT > BFC And in Poocoin with pairs: BNB > BFC

Step 2

Now let's take our Blockfarm and turn them into Gems, they are what will buy pots, water, spray and other items needed for you to start the game and earn more gems. And then, of course, switch to BFC and sell.


How does the conversion work?


You take 1 token and convert it

on 70 gems You take 100 gems and convert them into 1 tokens


Why this difference?

It is necessary to “burn” tokens in the game to keep the valuation and price stable, that is, the less token on the market, the more valuable it is.


And how does the withdrawal work? Initially the withdrawal request (gems ​​for token) will be billed, and you will always receive “next Tuesday”, for now that is until the system is ok and you can withdraw automatically. This is for your safety.


Step 3

Now that you have the gems it's time to go to the SHOP and buy your basic items:




You need water to water your plants, you can in your basic plant add 2 waters at a time, the system will remove one water every 12 hours, that's no problem. But in case your plant runs out of water, every 12 hours it will remove 10 gems from the total gain, until it runs out and dies.




Your plant needs to be placed in a POT, its roots cannot be left out. In addition, pots that will receive fertilizers from your pig farm in the future and reduce harvest time. Each pot has a specification, read well and choose wisely. The pots have a single use, that is, use them once, regardless of the weather. If your plant runs out of marijuana, the counter will fall.




Ants are terrible, they eat the leaves of your plants and slow down their growth. If one or more ants invade your farm, your growth counter will stop. You should use 1 SPRAY per ant, and when they're gone, the growth counter goes back to normal.




No time to take care of your farm? Use SHIELD to protect your plant to the end. The shield prevents your plant from needing water and ants from invading. In other words, with SHIELD you don't need water or spray.


Step 4 Let's understand about the basic plants of the blockfarm?

The game will start with 3 basic plant seeds, we'll explain a little about each of them, and we'll also make a new, more detailed post.


From these 3 basic seeds we have some planting rules (even with non-free land), and remember that each land has a series of slots for planting, I will explain in the final considerations.


Bella's Rule: Bella can only be planted once in the land, there cannot be 2 Bellas in the same land, ie, to plant a new one, you must have harvested the previous one.


Crystal Rule: Crystal can only be planted once in the land, there cannot be 2 crystals in the same land, ie to plant a new one you must have harvested the previous one.


Jimmy's Rule: Jimmy can be planted without restrictions as long as there is space available.


Battle NFT Special Seed Rule: Can be planted without restrictions as long as slots are available.


Bella's Rule: Bella, Crystal and Jimmy after being chosen disappear.


Rule: Battle plants are planted like seeds, they grow and become an NFT with random type and rarity (I'll make a position about). When planting the seed, it will grow in a period of 7 days, at harvest, it will not give GEMS.


Rule: With the ADULT NFT plant, you can plant to obtain buds, the amount and times are also defined at birth and may vary from plant to plant. When harvesting GEMS from your NFT plant, the Tired Deso Level will reach 100, and you need to battle it out to recharge the plant and plant again. There is a potion that speeds up this process.


Rule: NFT plants level up and increase skills and STATUS, but if you put it on MARKETPLACE, it goes back to Level 1, whether you sold it or not.


Rule: To add or remove an NFT plant from the market, you pay a fee of 1 BFC.


Rule: Only NFT PLANTS can BREED, the counter is 3/3 and the amount of CUPID BEE may vary due to the rarity of the plant, type and number of existing breed.


Rule: Basic plants cannot breed


Blockfarm Ultimate Game Tips

Lands have a limited number of slots, and it is for their rarity that the Common 4 slots rise to Legendary 12 Slots. We'll talk about global world missions and goddess wars in the next post, and more about detailed lands and plants.

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