Blankos to Release NFT Markertplace Next Month

By egamersio | CryptoGames | 7 Apr 2021

Blankos to release NFT Marketplace next month in several phases and iterations. This highly anticipated function will take the game to the next level as users will be able to trade digital assets for the first time. 

Blankos announced that the Alpha version of the game’s NFT Marketplace will be live in May 2021 for testing, while a fully open Beta is expected by early Summer 2021. Later this month, the game will begin sending out registrations and selecting from early adopters of Blankos users.

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The mythical Marketplace is a web-based exchange that will serve as a trading spot for players to buy and sell in-game NFT items, including Blankos characters.

The Marketplace will support USD and ETH, while NFTs could be filtered by categories like skills, levels, lowest/highest listing boxed/unboxed, and much more.

Unlike games operating on the Ethereum network, Blankos use the dGoods standard on their own customized version of EOS chain, where NFT trading works smoothly without extremely high gas fee prices.

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