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Free Bitcoin. A review of another cryptogame.

By Alexica Adams | CryptoGamePlay | 26 Jun 2020

Free Bitcoin by Bitcoin Aliens

Is it worth it?


This is another game that claims to give free bitcoins to its users by making hourly claims. It's not complicated to understand because you just click on CLAIM NOW which will direct you to choose from three options.f9690fc7dc362839cf8bb7dff6c0879941863a4462e473a2c62019bdeb760ec4.jpeg 5a5d2ab5e7a13235c1e931cd07ea87ce64bf0503bcf3d07c93c325923052a30d.jpeg

CRAZY (Multiple BIG Chances, Massive Rewards)

In this category the largest win is 12,160 Satoshis and the lowest being 6 Satoshis. My experience with this one is that the random selection mostly stops on the smaller digits on the board. Rarely does it stop on the BIG tab and if it looks like it's about to stop there, the game pushes the selection forward so that you don't land on it. CHEATING RIGHT? Now, if you're not satisfied, you can click the GET ANOTHER CHANCE button until it runs out but after that, you will of course have to choose to accept whichever amount you want. In the image below I claimed the 4.


MODERN (Random Multiplier, Big Rewards)

Like the category suggests, it provides random multipliers from x1 to x5 & x10 but most times I have gotten the lower multipliers but that might have just been my own bad luck or something. Once, the multiplier is selected, it then goes to a board with various amounts and one BIG tab option which then goes through a random selection. If you're lucky enough to land on the BIG tab, then the maximum amount is 1,220 x the multiplier and the minimum is 10 x the multiplier. The GET ANOTHER CHANCE tab is also available in this category. I don't usually select this one because it's a lose-lose type of situation. In the image below I claimed the 6 with a multiplier of 2.


CLASSIC (No Surprises, Just Some Free Bitcoin!)

This category contains one BIG tab but no multipliers. It only has a few numbers which ranges in the amount that you can claim. If you do get the BIG tab selection the maximum is 75 Satoshis and the minimum being 9 Satoshis. This one you can also click the GET ANOTHER CHANCE tab until it is no longer available. I usually select this one. In the image below I claimed the 6.



Other Earning Options 

You can earn more bitcoins by completing offers. Like downloading, registering and playing POP Slots, Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, Gamehag and more. The problem with this is, if you're already connected to other cryptogames and you've already downloaded the games that I have listed, then you wouldn't be able to claim any of the satoshis because it's for NEW USERS ONLY! I am not a new user to any of the games mentioned above, so I couldn't complete the offers.



Payment Threshold

You have to earn a minimum of 10,000 Satoshis in order for the amount to automatically withdraw on a Tuesday. 


You may be saying two things. 1. That's not doable or 2. It is doable. So, which one is it right? Well, I have downloaded this game over 6 months now and I don't play it everyday because I don't have the time to. So far my balance is 4521 Satoshis. That means that I have never been able to acquire that 10,000 minimum which in my opinion is some BS. Because of how shitty this game is, it's not possible to gather that 10,000 in time for the automatic payout every Tuesday. I don't know if becoming an Affiliate would help with earnings but I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. It would be a complete waste of your time. Please note that I was only able to achieve that 4000+ balance because this game is connected to another bitcoin game by Bitcoin Aliens known as Blockchain. I will do a review on that soon.



  • Free Download (Manually done for Android)


  • Payment threshold is too high
  • Earning amounts are too low
  • Game cheats
  • Hourly claims drastically limit how often you can earn because you can wait an entire hour, select the CRAZY category and only earn 1 satoshi
  • Not available for iOs 

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Review coming soon as well.

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