Klever App - TWICE - my wallet has been stolen from - Klever says - OH WELL

ok so i know what youre thinking.  "someone probably got your seedphrase" or someone has your login info.. 1000% false. 

Its never been viewed unless ethernet was unplugged and wifi off.

i wrote it down in a notebook with the rest of my seeds and not once has it even been moved from its safe deposit box.

No im not stupid. and KLevers (clever arseholes) stupid support team goes "hmm well, thats too bad" and hasnt replied in 4 hours. 

so STAY THE FRICK away from klever app. and holy f*** im sick of getting sh** stolen from my god damned wallet... i will never use them again. 

i know im not the only one having this issue. i can watch the transactions on tron scan and at the time of this particular transaction i was on the phone with my deadbeat ass father who is in jail probably forever (hopefully cuz he sucks) about him signing over power of attorney to me. so i have undeniable proof that i wasnt the one who sent it to somewhere else just trying to be a dick or something. this shit gotta stop man so far from wallet thefts (yes the same one cuz im an idiot) ive lost almost 3 grand. (glad i make enough tho) -  - this is the transaction that took my tron.. mind you that is not a single f***ing wallet that i own. im bout to have some more words with their supoort if they ever fricken answer me


if anyone cares to help me out comment below, since they took all remaining tron in wallet, i have no tron to spend to get my tron out of so i can resume my fricken daily activities..

address i need 100 trx in so i can get the smart contract costs covered since they used my band/ener when they pulled that 5k tron out .. 

TFKKvUwfQa1ePP2rN7J7KyBJXEvEK8pnmP  - if youre gonna send it - Make sure you hit me up on tele. if i can get this taken care of in a timely manner ill prob sweeten the deal even.  

@ohBazza on telegram,  if you wanna throw me 100 trx ill send ya 200 back. but cannot do it with zero band/energ and no tron because the 13 i had left outside of the smart contract was not enough to even pull 50 trx out.  figure with 100 i can at least pull 500 and then send back 200 and be on my way to swithcing all my funds out of klever forever

god damnit
i tried to trigger it once my energy built back up but it consumed all 6000 and said this to me... (via tronlink linked to my klever)

sorry if htis isnt allowed but klever is a f***ing bi***


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Scam Sites to beware of!!

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