A plugin has been released that lets you turn your WordPress website to Publish0x and rewards readers in crypto

By SaltySucker | CryptoFucker | 13 Aug 2021

One of the challenges in front of Blockchain developers is enabling widespread integration of Blockchain in WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, currently powering more than a third of the entire web.

Recently a plugin for WordPress has been published which allows WordPress website owners to reward their users with crypto.

More specifically, this plugin lets website owners to reward their visitors with an Asset created on the Ardor Platform.

Ardor has been marketed as a platform that could fix key blockchain weaknesses — if it can get its message out, but it still waits for wide range adoption.

The reason for this could be that Jelurida, the team behind this open source blockchain platform seems unwilling to pay for a bunch of marketing, but Ardor holders believe their platform has the best blockchain tech.

Ardor aims to become the „Wordpress“ for blockchain ecosystem, providing a unique model called Consensus as a Service where you don’t need to code your own blockchain and consensus algorithm from scratch.

Recent plugin which alows Wordpress website owners to reward their visitors with crypto is an example of Ardor's commitment to simplification of the blockchain ecosystem – the plugin has the potential to draw many newcommmers to crypto.

As the plugin creator explained on Github, the plugin named „Ardor Reward System“ allows BuddyPress website owners to reward their users with an Asset created on the Ardor Platform.

The pre-requisites plugins are:



The activation of the plugin will verify if these 2 plugins are installed. If not the plugin will not be activated.

The pre-requisites to allow the Ardor Reward System to work are:

An asset has to be created on the Ardor Blockchain

The issuer of the Asset has to have some Ignis in the wallet in order to pay the transaction fees

The users Ardor Accounts need to be "active" (they must have performed at least one outgoing or one incoming transaction) in order to receive the rewards.

All points collected with the myCred plugin will be converted 1 to 1 to the Asset created as a reward.

The reward is paid according to the schedule defined in the plugin settings page.

The rewards will be transferred at the users only after the "threshold" value (or multiples of it) has been passed.

Link to the plugin is here


Link to the in depth article titled „How to Issue an Asset on Ardor in 5 mins“


Wide adoption of this plugin could cause a rise of many Publish0x similar sites - blogging platforms that pays its writers and readers in crypto.

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