It Came from the Future.

By Skuhalo | Cryptofromtheforeignside | 22 Apr 2021

Just over a decade ago, something alien clawed itself out of the future and into our present. There were no fan fairs, no songs of praise. Only a website and a mining code placed onto Source Forge. An alien egg, which gave birth to something few understood but all would come to know. Bitcoin.

Born out of mystery, by a user we do not know who holds a wallet with coins that have never moved. A creator leaving after their creation coming into the world, blind and confused. An age old story.

Many parallels can be drawn between the movie Alien and cryptocurrencies. Especially as described by the fated android Ash whose orders and admiration for the creature caused his ultimate destruction. With some of his final words to the crew, he describes the creature as a perfect organism. Its structural perfection is only matched by its hostility.

Has crypto not done the same? Dismissed by institutions, described as a Ponzi scheme with the media attempting to frenzy the life out of it but as yet, it stood the test of time, in a rapidly digitising age. Cryptos hunger for survival is matched only by its hunger for computer power and electricity.

Even with the final words of the android before being decommissioned, he odes to the creature “Unclouded by conscious, morals or delusions or morality. I can’t lie to you about your chances but, you have my sympathies."

Banks have been gambling with mass funds, they did not have. Over engineering markets they did not understand. Taking bailouts many would argue, they did not deserve. Futurists speak of a world of tokens, but not of a world of Wall Street.

Thanks to an egg left on source forge, crypto has had mining algorithms birthed, consumed fiat and power, now it searches hungrily for it’s next meal.

The question was once, can crypto survive? Now the question is quickly turning to, can the current financial system?


(Watch what the android said in the video attached).


Sourced: Alien, 1979, screenplay by Dan O'Bannon

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