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How to get referrals the easy way!

If you're reading this, I'm assuming you've considered joining Ihub.  Perhaps you're interested in getting more referrals for bitcoin faucets, or coin-app.  Whatever the case may be, this method could help. Please use for legal use only.

My tools / best use

Cost of ads

The cost of running the ads will depend on the method you pick.  I was able to start an ad on CoinpayU for about 100 trx.  This has been my best referral generator so far, but I have also spent the most money (100's of dollars)  Most of my referrals for Cointiply, and iHub came from this site.  Also, I've gotten over 180 coinapp referrals from this site as well.  Earnbitmoon club, and cointiply also offer buying ads with crypto. The reason I've mostly used coinpayu for buying ads is because they offer many different types of currency, and accept many different types.  I like sending TRX or BTT because the fees to send are cheap.

Best free options?

If you're looking for "free options" to start, I suggest Uhive, cointiply, and reddit.  You can also create a facebook page, but it's really not the best for advertising.  Combining the tools will get you better results.  For example, you could create a page on facebook, and then create an article on Publish0x.  Use a combination of Facebook, reddit, Uhive. Use cointiply to purchase ads.  You should be able to easily get enough coins to advertise for free on cointiply (just do some ptc ads, and surveys to earn coins).  Presearch offers advertising for staking coins.  I've also heard that brave browser is similar.

It's not working!

I have felt at times that my ads were not working.  And I have also discovered that I was correct at times.  Sometimes the website you're advertising just doesn't load correctly for whatever reason.  Before you spend money or coins on advertising try opening your link in different browsers, and via mobile and desktops. It is a good idea to determine how long the site takes to load.  Maybe you need to purchase a longer ad view time.  Sometimes the cheapest ptc ads you can buy are not the best.

Maybe you just need to save up your coins on cointiply, and purchase a lot more views, or longer view times.  Sometimes people will click the ad a few times before they finally decide to join, or even read what the ad is about.  Keep at it!  If you're not getting results in one area, it's possible the users are already members of whatever you're advertising.  Publish0x is great to track the views... I recently started ads for a Facebook group, and I love being able to track the clicks.  Nice to make sure I'm getting what I'm paying for with ptc ads.  Don't forget to select the target audience you want on btc faucets... Many let you pay extra to select where you want the views to come from (like what country).  Narrowing down the target can help a lot.  I've noticed that some of my ads did not get results via ptc ads. I tried HideoutTV, and that did not get results also  womplay

What are you waiting for?

Now that you know how to start getting referrals, go to it!  There is a lot of money to be made from different affiliate programs. Use my links in the tools section, and start promoting.  I can't promise instant results, but once you find the right combination of programs to promote, and users to join, you will be successful in your advertising.  It's really a matter of trial and error.  Never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket, so don't spend too much money advertising one thing or in one place.  Also explore other PTC advertising options not listed.  Just be careful, and make sure the sites you join are giving users what they expected. I truly hope you liked my post here, and send a tip (it's free).

Using my links really helps out.  My goal is to eventually make enough extra income to support myself.  I work a Full-time, and I'm just not getting by.  Hopefully my methods will help others to earn crypto from invites.

If you want to Donate TRX, BTT, or USDT* (TRC-20)   TLWWZ4Psy1u9odf6DCT9UD8zUdgDAtJiDm

Anything helps! Or just using my ihub link, and other links could help.  Go get that $$$ Friends!

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