Helium Network and HNT tokens Gaining popularity and value

By Frogger | Cryptofrog | 12 Mar 2021

Helium Network is by far my favorite project in the crypto space.  In less than 1 year it has taken IOT (internet of things) tech to new heights. states: "The People’s Network is the world’s fastest growing wireless network ever." I believe them. Amazingly, there are now over 21,234 hotspots at the time of writing this.  Each hotspot has up to a 10 mile range, and uses very little resources. Consumers are snapping up these hotspot mining devices quicker than they can be produced.  In fact, Cal-chip (a leading manufacturer) has raised their pricing, and their next batch of RAK miners aren't expected to ship out until May.  It's easy to understand why people would want to mine HNT tokens. The tokens have reached an all time High recently of $8.  I think it's pretty amazing considering less than 1 year ago, the tokens were selling for about 13 cents. Coingecko chart below.


Consumers are not the only ones flocking to Helium. There is a growing list of business partnerships. These businesses have discovered that utilizing the Helium network, and taking advantage of their "massive coverage" is a win win.  Hop on the website and take a look at what these businesses are, and what they do here  I'm amazed by the variety of uses that are being developed by these partners, and how they're using this tech to make the world a better place. The uses range from: protecting priceless art collections, monitoring water use, monitoring air quality, tracking business assets, or tracking your pet to name a few.

Mining is an important aspect to consider. HNT tokens are like Bitcoin in the sense that they have a limited supply.  HNT has a maximum supply of 223,000,000 tokens. Bitcoin maximum supply is 21,000,000.  Helium also shares halving in common with BTC.  The halving happens every 2 years, so Helium miners have not seen this happen yet.  Graphic below is from


If you're wondering how many HNT tokens these hotspot miners are getting, you can easily check on their site, as well as find out how many hotspots are active in your area. I would consider the payouts to be very generous at this time.  It would probably make a few mining rig operators very green with envy considering the cost of mining HNT is extremely minimal by comparison to someone who's running multiple gpu's and spending thousands on equipment.

sample hotspot

 I had to show some love for my favorite project.  HODL HNT!! HNT to the moon 2021!

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  • Fast ship HNT miner through Ihubglobal If you are in USA, Canada, or Australia, or UK, you can buy a fast shipping helium hotspot now.  ihubglobal is taking a cut of the profits, but it's a small price to pay for the faster availability.  Sign up now! They are buying a LOT of these devices. I'm thinking this company is going to have the fastest shipping time for these hotspots.


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