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By QuintoTrader | Crypto Street | 1 Jul 2019


Hyperspace which is a blockchain social media platform rewarding users and contributors with hyperspace AMP token can enable users and content distributors to make money in the following ways;


This is the currency that is used to reward users for contributing to the platform.On a daily basis, users can be able to earn daily UBI for using the platform. Also,content creators can also be able to earn AMP when their content is being amplified by other users for benefiting them.


UBI stands for universal Bonus Income. At hyperspace, as a daily user .provided that your phone number is verified, you will be able to receive UBI daily for using the hyperspace platform. Currently, hyperspace has restricted only specific countries to be able to verify their phone numbers at hyperspace platform.In the near future, they will add more countries thus enabling more users to be able to receive daily UBI. Worry not if you don't know how to create good content .If you are a content consumer and your country is not listed at hyperspace, you can just use the platform to get more skills from other users. In the near future, your country will be added thus you will be able to receive daily UBI which you can withdraw or can amplify the contents benefiting you in the platform.                                      

                                          Content Creators

These are main contributors at hyperspace at different spaces whose main work is to distribute their quality contents to a space related to the content created. For example, a certain content creator might specialize in creating content related to cryptos and decides to distribute it to a crypto related space. Content consumers of that space will consume the content and decide whether to amplify the content based on its quality. If the content is of high quality, then more consumers will amplify it with more AMP tokens thus enabling the content creator to earn more revenue.                                            

                                            Space owner

This is the owner as well as the creators of a given space. If you have some skills in a given field, you can decide to create a space at hyperspace related to that field and make sure to be distributing content related to that space at your own space so that you can attract more users to join the space. The more the users the space has the more income that space will be earning. If your space is being verified , you will be able to receive a certain portion of income receive at your space when a content is being amplified by other content consumers of that space.As a space owner, you can also decide to charge a small fee for other content distributor of your space. This is not well advisable for the time being since hyperspace is still in its growth stage. Just let other users to distribute their content at your space for free of charge then in the near future when hyperspace has grown, that is when you can decide to start charging a posting fee.                                  


                                             Top Contributors

In hyperspace ecosystem, every space will be receiving daily income whenever a post is being amplified. Out of the income received, a certain portion will be going to the space owner while another portion will be going to the top ten contributors which will be shared based on percentage of their contribution on a daily bases. Become a top contributor in a given space and start making daily income for benefiting content consumers in that given space. If you have not yet join hyperspace, it is time to join and start benefiting the communities of a given space and you will be rewarded. Also create a space and make it grow and you will benefit in the near future. Join other hyperspace users from the link below;    

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