Kucoin shares: Learn about Kucoin shares, an ethereum based token that earns you dividend when you hold it

Kucoin shares: Learn about Kucoin shares, an ethereum based token that earns you dividend when you hold it

By quintomudigo | Crypto Street | 2 Aug 2019


Kucoin shares is a native token of the Kucoin exchange created on the Ethereum blockchain network whose transaction takes place from one peer to another without involvement by the government thus is being considered to be a decentralized asset. Kucoin shares were mainly created to enable traders of the Kucoin exchange to be able to earn dividend from the trading fees generated by Kucoin exchange provided that they are holding their Kucoin shares token. Unlike in traditional limited companies where shareholders are entitled to earn dividends after six months or sometimes at the end of the year, for Kucoin shares that is not the case. Instead, Kucoin shares token holders are entitled to dividend after every 24 hours provided that there is a proof of them holding the token for a period of 24 hours. The more Kucoin shares you hold the more dividend you receive.  Out of the profit Kucoin generates from trading fees, they distribute 50% of it to the Kucoin shares token holders. The minimum amount of Kucoin shares that you are supposed to hold for a period of 24 hours in order to earn your dividend should be 6 Kucoin shares.

Kucoin shares transaction   

Kucoin shares transaction takes place on the Ethereum blockchain explorer based on block height and timestamp. To view how the transaction takes place at Ethereum blockchain explorer, simply follow the link below;


  Date Launched

  Kucoin shares were created and launched  in 2017 by together with its native platform the Kucoin exchange with the main objective on helping Kucoin shares token holders to earn a dividend  

Founder Of Kucoin shares  

Kucoin shares were created by Michael Gam who is a blockchain technologist and a former technician at Alibaba group. Michael Gam created Kucoin shares with a goal of enabling traders to earn dividend by holding the coin 

  Process of creating Kucoin shares

  Unlike Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum which are created as a proof-of-work through the mining process, For Kucoin shares, that is not the case. Instead, most of it was issued during its initial launch stage. 100,000,000 were issued to Kucoin team members as well as to early investors while 100,000,000 to the public thus summing up to 200,000,000 coins. Therefore, we can consider the coin to have been created through the initial coin offering process.  The coin only allows users to hold it in order to earn dividend based on the profit generated from trading fees

Maximum circulation of Kucoin shares  

The maximum supply of Kucoin shares that is expected to be circulating in the Ethereum blockchain network should be 200,000,000.  Out of this amount, 100,000,000 were issued to team members and early investors while 100,000,000 to the public to enable them to earn a dividend on a daily basis by holding them. Kucoin also implemented the buyback and burn program of their token in order to reduce the volatility of their token in the market. In this buyback program, Kucoin will use 10% of the profit generated every year for this activity. They will be creating a new private key and address, send the 10% profit to the address then get rid of the private key such that no one will be able to get access to the private key. 

  Kucoin shares Price

  Currently, 1 Kucoin shares is worth more than $1.67 and its price is expected to increase over the next period of time. Kucoin shares is being abbreviated as KCS.

  Converting my Kucoin shares to other cryptocurrencies

  To convert your Kucoin shares to other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum, you need to have a cryptocurrency exchange account. Currently,Kucoin shares is available for trade at Kucoin exchange. If you want to start to earn dividend like other investors and traders at Kucoin exchange by holding Kucoin shares then you can open a Kucoin exchange account. Here is a link redirecting you to Kucoin exchange  


Storing my Kucoin shares  

To store your Kucoin shares, you need an Ethereum ERC-20 compatible address such as myetherwallet or metamask. You can store your Kucoin shares on the Kucoin exchange if you want to be earning a dividend. Make sure they are locked on Kucoin platform to be entitled to receive the 50% trading fees bonus .

Transferring my Kucoin to other Users  

If you want to transfer your Kucoin to another user, the two of you must have trust in each other. The trust should be the Kucoin shares address provided for by the receiver while the sender must have the Kucoin shares balance in their account to send to the receiver. For the sender, a blank space to insert receiver address and another blank space to insert the amount to send to the receiver is indicated. Here is how it looks like;

  KUCOIN SENDER2.png    

  Knowing more About Kucoin shares

  If you feel that you need to learn more about Kucoin shares coin, then you can follow them on their site. Here is the link redirecting you to Kucoin shares website   


  Now that you know, I think that it is time for you to start earning some dividend at Kucoin exchange by holding at least 6 Kucoin shares on a daily basis. The more you hold the more dividend you earn. If you feel that I should also own some Kucoin shares for helping you to know about it then here is my Kucoin shares address that is compatible with Ethereum ERC-20.



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