Edgeless coin: A utility coin for gambling that rewards users for using their coins to fill the edgeless bankroll

Edgeless coin: A utility coin for gambling that rewards users for using their coins to fill the edgeless bankroll

By quintomudigo | Crypto Street | 8 Oct 2019


Edgeless coin is a native cryptocurrency of the Edgeless casino  created on the Ethereum blockchain network platform whose transaction takes place from one peer to another without involvement by the government thus is being considered to be a decentralized asset. Edgeless coin was mainly created to enable different casino players and gamblers to be to use the coin to play casino thus when they win their account keeps on growing while when they lose their account keeps on decreasing in value. Edgeless coin was also created to enable different investors to be able to deposit their Edgeless coin to the edgeless staking platform where it will be locked for a given period of time. When it is being locked it will be considered to have filled the casino bankroll . When the casino players are playing against the casino bankroll which will be considered to be decentralized since it will be controlled by the smart contract address of different investors, then the bankroll become surplus by given amount, then the amount will be distributed to the investors/stakers based on the amount they will have staked. This will make the edgless coin to be a distruptor in the centralized casinos.

Edgeless token transaction 

Edgeless  coin transaction takes place on the Ethereum blockchain explorer based on block height and timestamp.  Here is a view of Edgeless coin transaction;

  edgeless transaction.png  

  To view how the transaction takes place at Ethereum blockchain explorer, simply follow the link below; https://etherscan.io/token/0x08711d3b02c8758f2fb3ab4e80228418a7f8e39c  

Date Launched  

Edgeless coin project was started in 2016 but was launched in late 2017 with the main objective of distrupting the centralized casinos by letting individual to be able to use the edgeless coin to create the decentralized bankroll thus in return they receive reward from the excess amount in the bankroll created by the casino.

Founder Of Edgeless coin

Edgeless coin was created by Ignas Mangevicius  who is a  blockchain technologist with the main objective of becoming a native coin for its Edgeless casino platform thus allowing different casino players to use the coin to play the casino as well as allowing different investors to purchase the coin from different exchanges deposit to their staking account so that the casino bankroll can be filled with the amount thus allowing those investors to receive reward when the casino bankroll has surplus of the amount deposited .

Process of creating Edgeless token   

Unlike cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum which are released through the mining process using power supply and internet using the proof-of-work consensus, for Edgeless coin, that is not the case.  Instead, Edgeless coin was created to become a utility coin. During its launched, all the 500 million coins were distributed accordingly. Since Edgeless coin was created to become a utility coin mostly in the gambling sector, it therefore enables gamblers to be able to purchase it in several exchanges after which they can deposit it to the edgeless gambling platform where they will be able to play the edgeless casino thus when they win their account grows while when they lose their casino account keeps on declining. The more the casino players wins the more their account keeps on growing while the more they lose the more their account keeps on declining. Individual can take part in running the Edgeless casino bankroll by staking their edgeless coin thus in return they will receive a reward of 40% of the surplus in the bankroll while the edgeless casino remains with 60% for its further development. The more your staking amount the more the reward you will receive . Let say for example that the bankroll has been decentralized with 10,000,000 edgeless coin then it has a participant of 1000 stakers. If at the end of the month the bankroll surplus increases to 11,000,000, that will bring a surplus of 1000,000 coins in the bankroll. Out of this 1 million coins, 60% of it which is 600,000 coins will be retained by edgeless company for its further development while 40% will be distributed to the pool to be shared by each staker based on what they will have contributed thus the more their contribution the more the reward. Here is how the reward process looks like;


If you want to take part in filling the bankroll of the edgeless casino so that you can receive 40% of the reward of its surplus, you can then join from below;


  Maximum circulation of Edgeless token

  According to Edgeless white paper, the maximum amount of Edgeless coin that should be in circulation in Ethereum blockchain network is capped at 500,000,000 coins. Out of this amount, 440,000,000 coins were set aside for the crowdsale while 50,000,000 coins to team members. The remaining 10,000,000 coins were set aside for partnership program. Here is how the Edgeless coin looks like;     edgeless supply.png  

Edgeless token Price

Currently, 1 Edgeless coin is worth more than $0.01 and its price is expected to increase over the next period of time. Edgeless coin is being abbreviated as EDG.


Converting my Edgeless token to other cryptocurrencies

To convert your Edgeless coin to other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum, you need to have a cryptocurrency exchange account. If you don't own one then you can follow the link to open a cryptocurrency exchange account for easy conversion of your Edgeless coin to Bitcoin or Ethereum. Here is a list of exchanges where you can easily exchange your Edgeless coin to your favorite cryptocurrencies;




Storing my Edgeless  token

To store your Edgeless  coin, you need an  Edgeless coin wallet that is compatible to ERC20. You can either store online or offline. To store your Edgeless coin online, you can either Use myether wallet, metamask or can store them in their staking platform at https://staking.edgelessgroup.io/  in order to receive surplus of edgeless coin coin created by decentralized bankroll . To secure your Edgeless coin from being stolen by hackers, you can use ledger Nano wallet.

  Transferring my  Edgeless token to other Users

If you want to transfer your Edgeless coin to another user, the two of you must have trust in each other. The trust should be the Edgeless  coin address provided for by the receiver while the sender must have the Edgeless coin balance in their account to send to the receiver. For the sender, a blank space to insert the receiver address and another blank space to insert the amount to send to the receiver is indicated. Here is how it looks like;

  edgeless sender.png

  edgeless receiver.png  

  Knowing more About Edgeless  token

If you feel that you need to learn more about Edgeless coin, then you can follow them on their site. Here is the link redirecting you to Edgeless coin platform website  https://edgeless.io/home  

You can as well read their white paper to learn more about their idea from below


You can also join as a community member in any of their social media platform from below to follow the discussion made by other community members;






Now that you know, I think that it is time for you to start earning some Edgeless coin by simply staking Edgeless coin to a verified node thus in return you receive reward. The more your staking the more reward you receive. If you feel that i should also own some Edgeless coin for helping you know about it then here is our Edgeless  coin address that is compatible to ERC20;



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