5 Reasons Online Gambling is pegged on Bitcoin Adoption

Blockchain has transformed many lives and changed how major industries do businesses across the globe. Online gambling industry has not been spared; it has been disrupted positively and the ardent gambler is smiling all the way to the bank. Here are 5 reasons why online gambling is pegged on Bitcoin adoption and the thriving altcoin market.

Fast and Micro transactions

The entry of Bitcoin and to some extend the altcoin market has rendered the fiat gabling channels irrelevant owing to the demands of the modern day online gambler. Crypto transactions are much faster and to the micro levels offering a better value proposition compared to the traditional currencies.

Wide Range of Payment Vehicles in the Market

International gamblers have all the reasons to celebrate. They have a wide range of digital coins to use as opposed to the traditional dollar medium. There are many cryptocurrencies that players can use to make payments and user privacy and security are guaranteed.

The growing altcoin options are a surefire guarantee that even the newbie in crypto can gamble online. Bitcoin might have the larger market share but upcoming digital currency projects are giving the flagship coin sizeable competition. The beauty of the digital economy is that the user has an upper hand in choosing coins that fit into their lifestyles.

Β Additional Crypto Market Stability

The ICO era watered down the crypto market confidence and the entry of IEO has boosted the crypto sphere with the stability it has been yearning for. This is a major boost to the online gambling industry. The altcoin market has seen increase use-case projects thanks to IEO’s.

The gambler confidence is on steroids since the shinier projects have a shield against volatility; an issue that has been keeping vendors at bay due to fear of incurring loses when the crypto sphere is hit will wild price swings and high transaction costs.

Stability in the digital money market will mean more enterprise Apps and this will give the online gambling goer an additional confidence to make deposits and withdrawals since these transactions are backed by stable coins. This is also an additional benefit for the online casino operator and other stakeholders.

End of Online Gambling Manipulation

Bitcoin adoption means a saver gambling haven; the technology which fuels Bitcoin and other altcoins cannot be manipulated. Simply put the online gambling agent cannot change the outcome for selfish gains. The casino goer cannot manipulate the outcome making it a fair playing ground.

The players get value for their investment and additional confidence to participate more. The more Bitcoin is adopted, the more profits for the vendor and players. Soon Bitcoin and select altcoins are transitioning from asset to consumer class.

Bitcoin is Easy to Integrate

With any digital coin platforms promising the privacy and public options in their ecosystems, more investors are eyeing the industry. What’s more; getting set up is very easy. All you need is a secure wallet funded with your crypto choice and you are all set to go.

Gamblers are running away from using credit cards and embracing crypto. With crypto, your personal details are kept under wraps. This makes Bitcoin gambling fast, secure and fuss free and the more users adopt Bitcoin currency fiat will cease to be a player in online gambling.

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