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By crypto5o | CryptoFiveo | 21 Apr 2021

October 2019, Moscow: The PointPay project wins the award for the best blockchain start-up, in the event carried by the Blockchain Life Awards. Nowadays, this highly ranked blockchain project is in the phase of Initial Coin Offering, and it will end on June 30, 2021, being completed in a ratio of 90%. Also, like the other ICO’s reviewed, all the unsold tokens will be burnt. 


Note for every reader, before you invest, do your own research and don’t consider this as a piece of investment advice. I am not a financial adviser, only a cryptocurrency supporter, and very passionate about this.

What is PointPay?

With a very captivating catchword “The future is here”, PointPay brings an ecosystem with blockchain bankingcryptocurrency exchangecrypto wallets, a cryptocurrency payment system, and a blockchain school for cryptocurrency beginners.

Also, I have to say that their motto captivated me because I really believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future, and the future is here. Just waiting for the rest of the people to join in.

PointPay bank

PointPay is a UK settled company, being in the blockchain world since 2018, and continuously evolving. The idea behind the PointPay project was to deliver an all-in-all platform, to help the cryptocurrency mass adoption. Therefore, on the PointPay platform, users can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencytrade their cryptocurrency assets, gain interest in a crypto banking account, spend their assets with a crypto card, and keep their digital assets in a crypto wallet.

Also, with the PointPay School, users can learn step-by-step about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and how to trade. The learning videos are categorized by complexity. Therefore, users can choose from categories like beginner, medium, and expert. Furthermore, the learning platform, as the entire PointPay ecosystem, is continuously updating, and according to the PointPay roadmap, more complex learning articles will come in the future.

PointPay cryptocurrency exchange

The PointPay platform offers a quick exchange and a traditional cryptocurrency exchange. With the quick exchange, users of PointPay can exchange their crypto assets at the market value, in a prompt method. Also, using the traditional cryptocurrency exchange, users can trade their cryptocurrency at the price set by them.

PointPay crypto exchange

Being at the inception, the PointPay cryptocurrency exchange doesn’t support many cryptocurrencies, but some of the major ones are supported. For example, Bitcoin – BTC, Ethereum – ETH, XRP – XRP, Litecoin – LTC, ChainLink – LINK, Stellar – XLM, USD Coin – USDC, Tether – USDT, DAI – DAI, Tron – TRX, Bitcoin Cash – BCH.

Also, if any crypto project wants to list its own cryptocurrency on the PointPay platform, there is an application form that can be easily accessed by everyone.

PointPay banking

The platform provides two banking accounts. More specifically, a checking account, which is used to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency assets. And a savings account, where users can transfer their cryptocurrencies from the checking account and earn bigger interest over their hodled cryptocurrencies.

PointPay bank account

In the savings account, the PointPay users can earn interest over cryptocurrencies like BitcoinEthereumTetherUSD CoinChainLinkBitcoin CashRippleLitecoinTronTether GoldDAI, and PointPay token. For example, the interest rate for Bitcoin is currently at 6.20% APR, at stable coins is 8%, and the biggest APR is for the native token, PointPay – PXP, with an APR of 30%.

Keep in mind that the interest rates can change at any time. Also, everybody should do their research before investing in any cryptocurrency asset.


Buy and sell crypto on PointPay

To buy crypto on the PointPay platform is very easy. The payment can be done with bank cards, Apple PaySamsung PayGoogle Paybank transfers. Also, the buying process is done through third-party platforms like MoonPay, Mercurio, or Indacoin. Be informed that the KYC (know-your-customer) verification process might be necessary for every third-party platform.

Check out my Changelly review, to read more about the limits and KYC for the MoonPay and Indacoin platforms.

The selling crypto process can be done only with SEPA transfers and in currencies like EUR and GPB. But, I wouldn’t recommend it, because on every platform that supports selling crypto for regular currencies, there could be pretty high fees. Therefore, the best option is to spend your crypto funds with a crypto card.

PointPay Visa card

Every crypto enthusiast needs to spend their earned funds. Therefore, users of the PointPay platform can easily order a Visa debit crypto card to spend their crypto assets.

PointPay Visa crd

So, in order to spend cryptocurrencies, users need to transfer their digital assets from their PointPay bank account, PointPay wallet, or cryptocurrency exchange, into the card wallet. Once the transaction receives enough confirmations, the funds will be available for spending.

If you are looking for ways to spend cryptocurrencies, there are also different alternatives that I use. Check them out here, and also the Binance Visa card, which I will review shortly, and works exceptionally well for me. Furthermore, new users of Binance will receive a 5% discount at trading fees if the sign-up is done with my referral link.


PointPay ICO – PXP token sale

As I said at the beginning, this award-winning and highly-rated blockchain project is in the phase of the initial coin offering – ICO.

The PointPay ICO will end on June 30, 2021, and it is already completed in a ratio of 90%. Additionally, if there are any unsold tokens, when the ICO will end, all the remaining will be burnt.

PointPay ICO

Also, this PointPay ICO has multiple phases, and with every phase, the PXP token price will increase. For example, at the time of writing this PointPay ICO review, the PXP token has a sale price of $0.15, but in a time of approximately eleven days, its price will increase by 33%.

The total amount of tokens released in this PointPay token sale is 500 million, and the investment amount can start from as low as $1.

How to buy PXP tokens?

The PointPay company recommends to every interested user who wants to enter this ICO and buy PXP tokens, to pay only with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and from their account. Therefore, every user who wants to join the PointPay ICO and buy tokens will need to hold Bitcoin or Ethereum in their PointPay account. More specifically, in the PointPay bank account or in the PointPay wallet.

Why is this necessary? According to their platform, the users who make the payment with Bitcoin or Ethereum directly from the PointPay account will automatically receive the PXP tokens bought in their PointPay wallet. Otherwise, the payment made from third-party websites will not transfer automatically the PXP tokens in the PointPay account, and the transaction could take up to 3 days.

Overlooking the platform recommendation, for some users, the buying process went smoothly with other coins. For example, Litecoin.

To fast receive your PXP tokens, the payment is recommended to be carried directly from the PointPay wallet or PointPay bank account, and with Bitcoin or Ethereum. In order to pay with these two cryptocurrencies, you will need to transfer them into your PointPay wallet or easily buy them directly from the PointPay platform.

Once you hold Bitcoin or Ethereum, the process is pretty simple, and the only thing to do is to convert your Bitcoin or Ethereum into PXP tokens. Also, depending on the amount invested, every user will receive a bonus in PXP tokens.


The PXP token

With the ticker symbol PXP, this is the native token of the PointPay ecosystem. It is an Ethereum based utility token – ERC-20, with a total supply of 1 billion, and half of them are in this PointPay ICO. Also, the total supply can change to lower values, only if not all tokens are sold. The remaining ones will be burnt.

The PXP token has a high yield on the PointPay platform. Therefore, at the time of writing this review, users can earn up to 30% yield in the native ecosystem token.

Also, the PXP token holders will have lower trading fees on the PointPay cryptocurrency exchange, depending on the amount of PXP tokens hold on the exchange.

Additionally, with the PXP token, users can access premium learning videos on the PointPay school.

The PointPay token has high utility in the ecosystem, and I think that in the future we will see a positive price movement in the PXP token charts. Moreover, the team behind the project is continuously upgrading their platform and the utility for the native token.


PointPay is an all-in-all blockchain platform, which is also available as a mobile app, being supported by both Android and iOS operating systems. Also, with the PointPay school, this platform is perfect for a cryptocurrency beginner.

PointPay school

Behind the PointPay ecosystem is a team very dedicated and transparent with their work. Moreover, the company is holding the award for “the Best Blockchain Start-Up“, received in 2019 at the Blockchain Life Awards appearance. Therefore, my guess is that in the future, PointPay will be a big player in the blockchain world.

With the PointPay ICO continuing until June 30, 2021, all the interested people can enter and buy PXP tokens at a price of $0.15. Keep in mind that the token price will increase regularly, and the next price change will be in approximately eleven days.


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