Initial coin offering | Merchant token ICO
Merchant token ICO

Initial coin offering | Merchant token ICO

By crypto5o | CryptoFiveo | 7 Apr 2021

Possibly the biggest Defi Initial Coin Offering – ICO from 2021, started in early April 2021. Merchant token – MTO is on sale, and it will have 100 sale phases. This meaning that, the early you buy the tokens, the less you will pay for them. The Merchant token ICO will last until June 30, 2021, and if all 100 phases are completed it will hit a price of $1.20. Continue reading about the Merchant token, or visit my website to view step by step, how to enter the ICO, and how to buy the Merchant token. Also, for the new Coinbase users, find additional benefits in my blog post when you use Coinbase to buy MTO tokens.


What is the Merchant token?

The Merchant token and the Merchant Protocol intends to deliver consumer protection in the world of DEFI – Decentralized Finance, just like in the traditional payment systems. The Merchant protocol and token are developed by the Hips Payment Group, a well known and trusted service payment company.

Also, the Hips Payment Group has very big company names that use their services. For example, SantanderThe Payment HouseBamboraUS Bank, and a lot more, on all six continents. Therefore, it is pretty easy to assume that this will be a big project.

The Hips company will also release their own blockchain, the Hips Blockchain, and when it will enter the mainnet, the Merchant token – MTO it can also be exchanged with a 1 to 1 ratio with the native Hips blockchain coin – MEO, the Merchant Coin.

MTO utility and tokenomics

Let’s get back to this ICO and the Merchant token – MTO. It is an ERC-20 token, currently issued on the Ethereum blockchain. But the consumer protection will not be only available for the Ethereum blockchain. More specifically, it will be introduced to every blockchain that supports smart contracts. For example, EthereumCardano, and Solana.

As for the MTO tokenomics and utility, there will be a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, and half of them are in this Merchant token ICO. This half, purchased in this ICO, will be unlocked after the ICO will end, but the first exchange listing will be only in August 2021, according to their roadmap. Also, the Merchant token has three main utilities, and these are stakingtrading and governance.

The early investors, adopters, and the Hips team will have the Merchant token locked for a period of time, which can go up to four years. Therefore, after the exchange listing, it can not be a massive sale from the people that bought this token cheaper. Have to say, that this will be great for the price of MTO.

Also, according to the information on the official website, the Merchant token will have a first listing price of $1.20, if all ICO phases are completed. As a result, the earlier people enter the ICO and buy MTO, the more profit they will make. Even at the listing price and if the MTO price will not pump.


Merchant token ICO phases

The MTO initial coin offering will have 100 phases. With every phase completed, the price of MTO will increase by $0.01. Also, even if the term of June 30, 2021, is reached, and the phases are not completed, the MTO token holders will have the voting power to decide if the ICO will be extended or the unsold tokens will be burnt.

Merchant token ICO phases

The phases depend on the amount of MTO tokens bought. But, as I watch closely this Merchant token ICO, my guess will be that the ICO phases will be completed before we hit that term. Furthermore, at the time I was writing this article, in only one day, there were completed 3 phases.

How will consumer protection work?

In order to have a worldwide mass adoption of cryptocurrency, crypto payments will have to be as safe as possible. As a result, the Merchant protocol intends to solve this problem and bring confidence in crypto payments. We all know that cryptocurrency is hard to trace and once you make a bad payment is hard to recover your funds. Furthermore, in Defi – Decentralized Finance is almost impossible.

The Hips Payment Group, with their Merchant Protocol and the Merchant token, will introduce a crypto payment based on the merchant’s reputation with Automatic Dispute Management (ADM). As a result, the crypto funds will be locked in an escrow contract for a period of time. Only after that period of time, and if there are no disputes between the two parties, the merchant will have possession of the funds. Also, if there are disputes and these are resolved in the favor of the buyer, he will have a charge-back. More specifically, the crypto payments will be returned.

You can read detailed specifications and examples on how the Merchant Protocol works in the whitepaper, which can be found on the official website.

How to buy the Merchant token?

To join this big ICO is pretty easy. The sign-up process is done only with your email, a password, and to set up a two-factor authentication method. After the sign-up is done, the payment for the MTO can be done with cryptocurrencybank cards, or bank transfers.

Buy MTO with Coinbase

The easiest method, and the one I used, is to pay with Coinbase. If you have cryptocurrency in the Coinbase account, the payment can be done very easily, and without other verification processes.

How to buy MTO tokens with Coinbase? View my Merchant token ICO blog post at, and follow the easy steps. Also, new users on Coinbase will get additional benefits if the sign-up is done with my referral link.


Hips Payment Group is a trusted company and in the near future, they will release their Hips blockchain in the mainnet. As a result, at that time, the Merchant token can be exchanged on a 1 to 1 ratio with the Merchant Coin – MEO, which will be the Hips blockchain native token. In my opinion, this is a great thing.

Also, both of the cryptocurrencies released by the Hips company will have utility cases. For example, the MTO will be used to pay the fees on the Merchant Protocol and Gateway. Furthermore, the MTO tokens can be staked, used for trading, and also for governance.

Once it will be released, the MEO coin will also have utility cases, being the native token on the Hips blockchain. More specifically, the MEO coin will be used for everything happening on the Hips blockchain. For example, card issuing, building new tokens on the Hips blockchain, and most importantly, the MEO will be a payment option in the Hips ecosystem. Moreover, this Hips payment ecosystem currently has more than 200,000 merchants worldwide.


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Note for every reader, I already entered the Merchant token ICO and I have some in my portfolio. Therefore, before you invest, do your own research and don’t consider this as an investment advice. I am not a financial adviser, only a cryptocurrency supporter, and very passionate about this.

The original article is already posted on my blog at And the source for this content is the Merchant token whitepaper.

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