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Aurox Terminal | Trade crypto like a PRO with free advanced indicators

By crypto5o | CryptoFiveo | 27 Apr 2021

Trade cryptocurrency like a professional trader using the Aurox terminal. Users of the Aurox trading platform will have free access to PRO tools, for a limited time, to get a better perception regarding which way the markets will go. For example, the Aurox Indicator, a tool that will show entry market points with an accuracy of 80%. Sign-up now for free and start trading like a PRO with the Aurox tools. Also, read a full Aurox review on my crypto blog, to find out more about the Aurox innovations, what is coming next into the Aurox ecosystem, how to connect your exchange accounts with Aurox and make trading orders directly from the Aurox Terminal.



The best way to discover the Aurox features is by simply exploring the Aurox ecosystem. Note that the sign-up is freeno KYC required, and the best thing is that all the premium features are free, but only for a limited time.  

The Aurox Terminal

Aurox Terminal brings the most needed features for a cryptocurrency trader, that are also perfect for a cryptocurrency beginner to trade like a PRO. Moreover, those features are advanced tools that are available for free. For example, market-entry signalsTD Sequential indicator, fear and greed chart, volume profile, and much more. Also, there are multiple cryptocurrency exchanges that can be connected with the Aurox Terminal, to execute orders fast and directly from the Aurox platform.

Aurox terminal

The terminal is up and running smoothly for a couple of years already. With a user-friendly interface, the Aurox terminal provides premium tools which can make a cryptocurrency beginner to trade like a professional trader. Also, note that for a limited time, all the advanced innovations and indicators on the Aurox Terminal are free. Moreover, there is no KYC required, and the sign-up is likewise free.

With the Aurox terminal, users can make workspaces and analyze the data from more than 60 cryptocurrency exchanges and 10,000+ crypto trading pairs. Also, with the click of a button, every trader can share their workspace chart with their community.

The Aurox platform performs with advanced indicators with a pretty high accuracy considering the crypto market. For example, the most wanted indicator and the most highly valued is the Aurox indicator, which can show entry market points to see the best time to buy or to sell. And it has an accuracy of 80% according to the Aurox platform.

Advanced indicators

Take advantage while you still can, and join the Aurox trading terminal to use the advanced indicators completely for free. Because all these cool trading tools will be free only for a limited time.

The Aurox indicator

This indicator will display on the trading chart green and red arrows, to show the best moment to enter a specific buying or selling order, selected by every user. Using this highly valued indicator with an accuracy approximated at 80%, everybody can make successful trades, even a cryptocurrency beginner.

Aurox indicators

The TD Sequential indicator

This advanced tool indicator from Aurox will display numbers on the chart, which will indicate when the pump and dump positions are losing power. In combination with the Aurox indicator, users can get a better method to discover the entry and exit point from a specific trade.

Aurox and TD sequential indicators

Aurox lines

With a simple click of a button, this indicator will display on the chart, the prices trend lines on a specific trading pair. Users will easily find price trends and price breakouts.

Fear and greed chart

The fear and greed line will be displayed below the main chart, and this Aurox indicator analyzes the overall market sentiment in that trading pair.

Volume profile indicator

This Aurox indicator will be displayed on the side of the main chart and using this indicator, users will be able to identify support lines for that trading pair.

These are only the advanced Aurox indicators, that for a limited time are available for free. The Aurox terminal offers many more different indicators helpful in making successful trades and analyzing the cryptocurrency market. The sign-up is also free, being the best way to discover all the great features that Aurox brings in trading and in the future, making the DEFI world better.




The Aurox trading terminal can also be connected using the API keys, with a cryptocurrency exchange to make orders directly from the terminal. For now, the trading orders on the Aurox terminal, through the API key connection, can only be done on the following cryptocurrency exchanges:

Aurox API key connection

Read the full Aurox review on my website to see a step-by-step connection guide. Also, a Binance guide on how to create API keys.


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