$10,000 lucky draw contest with OKCoin exchange and Unstoppable Domains

By crypto5o | CryptoFiveo | 22 Feb 2021

The new partnership of Unstoppable Domains with OKCoin exchange comes with a grand prize of $10,000. And the lucky draw winner will be announced on March 1, 2021, at 12.00 PM PST.

How to enter in the lucky draw?

To be eligible to enter the lucky draw contest, you will need to have an OKCoin exchange account and to hold a blockchain domain from Unstoppable Domains. The domains can be with both extensions, .zil or .crypto.

Once you have these two, access the official OKCoin website. Here, on the main page of the exchange, you will find the lucky draw contest details and click the button Enter Raffle.

Once you clicked the Enter Raffle button, you will have to place your OKCoin account email and your crypto domain address from Unstoppable Domains.

As a result, you will be enrolled in the lucky draw contest with a chance to win the $10.000.

Additional information

The account of the lucky draw winner, on the OKCoin exchange, will need to be verified. In plain words, will need to pass their KYC (know your customer) verification process, to be able to receive the grand prize.

Also, the lucky draw winner haves only 48h to reply and confirm the notification received from the OKCoin exchange. Otherwise, the prize will be declared abandoned and they will examine to find a replacement winner.

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This article is also posted on my blog at https://cryptofiveo.com. And the full lucky draw contest details are on the official OKCoin exchange website: https://www.okcoin.com/.

Register on OKCoin and get $10: https://www.okcoin.com/join?channelId=600037313

Buy blockchain domains: https://bit.ly/3qAH8IT

Unstoppable Domains review: https://cryptofiveo.com/unstoppable-domains-review/

How to access .crypto domains from every browser: https://cryptofiveo.com/crypto-domains-browser-access/

Blog post: https://cryptofiveo.com/lucky-draw-contest-win-10000/


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