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Looking at Bitcoin Adoption & Use Cases

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 14 Aug 2020

Money is a highly emotional topic that shows our realities in many ways. In a time and age where the concept of money has gone digital, we cannot overemphasize the need to ensure that there is adequate content out there to educate those who are not well informed of this new wave of digital expansion. In the quest to delivering premium education to the already enthusiastic learners, a lot of considerations come into play. We must try to fix these before we can fully penetrate the hearts of these newbies. Some of these considerations are:

  • Language Barrier: About half of the people living in the United States of America speak Spanish. This demographic contributes in large to the economic status quo of the country. To reach global adoption we must initiate a system of learning which adopts different languages. Also, many countries are non-English speaking communities. Whether we like it or not, we cannot ostracize these countries from the crypto space. We all know that crypto has no territorial limitations it is a digitized money system. This is why we must ensure to solve the problem of communication caused by language.
  • Basic Education: The major drawback to the progress of crypto education is that the information put out is not simple enough for a learner to understand. Educators must try as much as possible to keep the information relayed as simple and relatable as possible especially for entry-level learners.
  • Benefits of Bitcoin: Showing people the many ways the use of bitcoin could improve their day to day transactions would arouse their interests to want to learn about it.

Watch the full panel discussion on Bitcoin adoption & use cases here:

Bitcoin Uses

Different regions across the globe have shown a variety of impressions about the usage of bitcoin. Largely, we can say that it boils down to our subjective opinions and what we prioritize as important. These are some of the many ways bitcoin is used.

  1. Money Making Venture: Bitcoin is used by many people as a means of earning extra cash. There are many ways people do this. Some buy and sell bitcoin to make profits. Others trade bitcoin on the forex market and some others join a #blockchain network
  2. Means of Understanding the Financial Market: Some people use bitcoin as a means of understanding the general workings of the finance market. They study bitcoin in relation to other fiat currencies.
  3. Sending #Money: #Bitcoin is used to send money. Users can send money from one bitcoin wallet to another. The interesting thing about this is that bitcoin is both the channel of exchange and the unit of exchange.

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