Google Trends: Bitcoin & Sentiment
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Google Trends: Bitcoin & Sentiment

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 29 Jul 2020

A lot of cryptocurrency clients/consumers actually like the fact that the shape of the market most times is determined by sentiment. In 2017 when we saw major price movement upwards towards 20k, we also saw the highest spike for the search term Bitcoin on Google; analysis shows that trends correlate with the market.

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Amount of Bitcoin Movement through the years

The amount of Bitcoin that has been in the same state in more than a year has a website all-time zenith. The last peak was during the year 2017. Before that year, the bitcoin bull run saw an increase in prices by twenty thousand dollars. Different forecasting models predicted that the amount Bitcoin would be sold would reach close to twenty thousand dollars per bitcoin this year and future bull run could begin as soon as the month begins.

From available data, you can see the resemblance to a bull run. The amount of bitcoin that has remained over the year was at 61.59% of all supply from Monday. According to intelligence blockchain provider Glassnode, this signifies an all-time high.


Unmoved Bitcoin Data which broke record sparked an expectation of the expected bull run everyone

The amount of Bitcoin that has stood completely still in over three years according to Glassnodes provided data is about forty-four percent and it has also approached a brand new level. This data after being analyzed by technicians and analysts showed that we are presently in a period of sustained holding. Glassnode stated during its last publication that the clear holding behavior is macro for bitcoin. And it is supported by its narrative that Bitcoin is a store of important value. 

The company settled and elaborated saying it showed that investors were excited with how the prices were remaining. It was better to hold your Bitcoins than to sell them: This suggested that the prices would likely go up.



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