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Dollar Cost Averaging Bitcoin

By CryptoFinally | CryptoFinally | 21 Nov 2020

These periodic investments can happen daily, weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, etc. By applying this investment strategy you are able to catch both the highs and lows which average out over the long term. DCA is not a get rich quick scheme and is a great passive way to get involved with investing in crypto and bitcoin. You can start small and as you get more comfortable you can increase the amount you are willing to invest.

Keep in mind the fees that you might pay when purchasing crypto through apps like Coinbase and Cash App. Depending on the crypto exchange you decide to use fees can vary. Another method of dollar-cost averaging is setting up a monthly budget to allocate all of your expenses. No investment method is perfect and there are always risks involved with investing in crypto and bitcoin, but dollar-cost averaging takes the cake for the easiest way to get involved with crypto and bitcoin.

What’s your favorite way to invest long term into cryptocurrencies and bitcoin? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Want to hear more about dollar cost averaging and passive ways to earn bitcoin and crypto? Check out more @Cryptofinally and @BTCweatherman on my YouTube Channel.

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