Elon Musk does it again. Market manipulation or marketing?

By ArtMoz | CryptoFew | 28 Dec 2021

Elon manipulates market once again? 


On the 27th. of December Elon Musk, richest man alive, tweets:

So much of AI is about compressing reality to a small vector space, like a video game in reverse



For those who doesn't know Vectorspace AI is a crypto coin, that cleverly/openly hidden in his post. After this post, the price increased by 25 % in no time at all. A coin whose price was 4.20 $ jumped to 6.30 $, soon after the hype faded a little it dropped to 5.40 $ went back to 6.30 $ and at the moment of posting this point is at 5.60 $. 




Do You think this is gonna go to the moon, back to 4.20 $ or will deplete little by little? 

Let me know down in comments You might convince me to get some! 

You can buy this coin on KuCoin , but should You? I don't know, I'm not invested yet.

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