YouTube confirmed that it was a mistake, but many videos on cryptocurrencies have not yet returned online
YouTube confirmed that it was a mistake, but many videos on cryptocurrencies have not yet returned online

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 1 Jan 2020

During Christmas, the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts found a bad cat to crack in their hands, YouTube, in fact, suddenly decided to ban videos that dealt with cryptocurrencies; obviously the panic began to circulate rapidly on social networks, also because many of the channels affected by the ban took years of work to be launched, with the respective owners who just when they were beginning to reap the first fruits of all this work they saw everything slip in hands.

As the controversy grew larger and the news of the ban circulated on social media, YouTube's admission suddenly arrived that it had been just a mistake and that the videos would soon be back online; many have breathed a sigh of relief which, however, has remained choked in his throat to this day.

Several YouTubers, in fact, are currently reporting that the deleted videos remain inaccessible and Chris Dunn, who has been managing an investment education channel with 200,000 subscribers for years, has increased the dose by complaining that not only YouTube, after accepting his appeal , he again suspended the videos he had just restored, but he also started deleting new ones that until now had never ended up under the censor's cleaver.

Throughout this, YouTube has also ensured that there has been no change in its policy on cryptocurrencies, so we are talking about a type of content that is still, or better still, should be considered lawful; obviously many newspapers that deal with crypto have tried to contact YouTube directly, which however entrenched itself behind the usual silence.

The situation, in the meantime, is further complicating because at the same time there are users who continue to complain about the ban while information sites and social media accounts are continuing to spread the official position of the platform and that is that it was only a mistake .


Right now nobody knows what is really going on, so conjectures abound and multiply hour by hour; there are those who are convinced that YouTube is actually banning the community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts because it fears the emergence of a decentralized video streaming platform, others have instead highlighted that videos that did not deal in any way were also removed of cryptocurrencies.

Some accounts fear it is an ad hoc campaign against them, carried out through continuous and recurring reports with the sole purpose of causing the closure of certain accounts, still others (and it seems to me the most probable hypothesis) point the finger at the algorithms imagining that the artificial intelligence that performs the first skimming of the videos (preventing, for example, the publication of prohibited content as in the case of pornography) for some reason has started to block certain types of videos.

Trivially, it could also be just a copyright issue; if in the videos, for example, there was a song or even a jingle, the failure to hold the rights to use that music could have led to the removal of the videos; in any case, we reiterate that these are only assumptions and that until YouTube wants to return to the matter on an official note, understanding what is happening is basically impossible.

Roberto D.
Roberto D.

Born in Italy, I live in Italy, passionate about cryptocurrencies since I discovered ethereum in 2015


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