The litecoin Foundation announced that Litecoin is the official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphin.

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 13 Jul 2019

This partnership will enable the purchase of Miami Dolphin lottery tickets in cryptocurrency (specifically Litecoin or Bitcoin), which proceeds will be divided equally and half of the proceeds will be used for the Miami Dolphin charities.


Kim Rometo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer of the Miami Dolphins, said:

"The Miami Dolphins are always looking for ways to improve the fan experience, and this partnership with Litecoin offers guests the chance to enjoy our 50/50 lottery by donating for a great cause."

The creator of Litecoin and managing director of the Litecoin Foundation Charlie Lee, said:

"We are excited to see Litecoin become the official cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins. This collaboration brings Litecoin in front of an audience of millions of people around the world, at a time when the adoption of cryptocurrencies continues to gain momentum and the ecosystem is able to support use cases of the real world in ways previously impossible. We consider this as a powerful tool to raise awareness and educate people about Litecoin and cryptocurrencies on a huge scale ".


The partnership with Miami Dolphin by the Litecoin Foundation brings the partnerships to two, given that precisely the Litecoin Foundation had already partnered in the past with UFC to show the Litecoin logo on the octagon where the meetings were held in December 2018.

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Roberto D.
Roberto D.

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