Gaming on the Litecoin blockchain? It can be done

Gaming on the Litecoin blockchain? It can be done

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 6 Oct 2020

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving and, month after month, new projects and new programs are launched on the basis of the well-established Blockchain technology. Although there are thousands of cryptocurrencies and latest generation tokens on the market, most of the attention is still placed on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Among the many new features, it is possible to identify the LiteBringer video game on Litecoin.

Gaming, to date, represents one of the most profitable sectors ever. It is not surprising, in fact, that Litecoin Foundation, together with the best video game developers in the world, has embarked on this constantly evolving path. The presence of Blockchain technology, combined with continuous graphic developments, would thus represent one of the new avenues in the field of video games and other transversal sectors.

Within this in-depth study we will discover all the specifications of this new video game based on Litecoin.



LiteBringer on Litecoin: How the Video Game Works

As mentioned in the introduction, it is possible to come across a rather unique video game. This is LiteBringer on Litecoin, which is a first online gaming platform based on LTC technology. The same, embracing the innovative potential of the Blockchain, concretely represents a revolutionary project.

To allow the operation of LiteBringer is precisely the presence of the decentralized mechanism and the Litecoin Blockchain technology. In this way, the company had the opportunity to architect the entire structure without the need to rely on many servers and offer an unprecedented gaming experience.

Entering the official page, you can read how the developers of the project are the same as the well-known Tibia (a viral game, which has been online for more than 20 years).

Moving on to operation, within LiteBringer, once downloaded, the gamer has the ability to create their own fighters and level them up through actions required by the game. He will be able to choose the most appropriate equipment and devise real strategies to defeat enemies and collect epic loot.

All the moves, made by the user during the game, represent individual transactions within the more complex Litecoin Blockchain technology. Thanks to the power of cryptocurrency, it is therefore possible to fully exploit the capabilities of the game and make transactions quickly and with maximum performance.

In order to play LiteBringer on Litecoin it is necessary to proceed with the registration phase. Once the account has been created, you will need to save your key in a file. The platform also recommends that you keep your address data carefully due to the impossibility of recovering them once they have been lost. At this point, by confirming, the Blockchain data will be downloaded.

Will cryptocurrencies also be able to enter the professional gaming field? It is still early to say, but LiteBringer is a great start.



The article has the sole purpose of demonstrating how the blockchain apparently "has no limits" and lends itself to the most diverse uses, including gaming. LiteBringer is an example of this.

What do you think of Litecoin and Blockchain gaming? Let me know yours in the comments. As always, thank you if you have come this far, and see you next time!


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