The Ethereum developer Virgil Griffith has been released pending trial

By Roberto D. | CryptoFarm | 1 week ago

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Arrested at Los Angeles Airport Last Thursday, Virgil Griffith will be released in a few weeks awaiting trial after a judge ruled that the evidence gathered by the US Department of Justice is sufficient to start the case; the accusation, we recall, is of conspiracy against the US government after Virgil decided to go anyway, despite the US government's formal denial, to a blockchain conference held in North Korea last spring. Following the hearing held yesterday afternoon, Brian Klein of Baker Marquart, who represents Griffith, then confirmed that the developer will be released soon awaiting trial and stated that:

We are very pleased that today the judge has granted the release of Virgil pending trial; we think that the accusations collected are not of criminal value and Virgil looks forward to the first court hearing to tell his version of the story

For now Virgil remains in jail waiting for the last formalities to be completed, he will then be released (within a couple of weeks) waiting for the trial to begin, but the date has not yet been set; we will probably be able to return to this story in the future also because it is an important process for the world of cryptocurrencies, which has already been mobilized with a petition in favor of Virgil. Meanwhile, controversy continues within the community, divided between those who claim that Griffith was naive and those who argue that he did what was right and that the US government should not be able to prohibit a citizen from traveling freely in any country in the world .

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