Benefits of lbry platform

Benefits Of The LBRY Platform

By cryptofactsbc | Cryptofactsbc | 21 Mar 2020

Benefits One can Get From Lbry

This platform has a whole lot of benefits  for its users and we are going to take a look at some of them. You can download the lbry app from the lbry website or click here to download the lbry app. Once you have the app let us all enjoy the benefits together.

1. There are no restrictions.

It has little to no restrictions as compared to other platforms or websites like YouTube. Users are given the rights to publish any digital contents at all but it is not allowed on YouTube. You can publish images, audio files, and even matured contents on this platform. This is one benefit lbry gives to its content creators.

2. Censorship Free and Decentralized

No one can delete any of your contents  published  on lbry until the you delete it yourself. No authority. It is decentralized because no one controls your stuff but rather the freedom is given to the users to manipulate.

3. One on One With the Developers

Anyone at all can join the  chat forum and get to interact with the developers of lbry. Anyone can contribute and also share their ideas to help make the platform better for all.

4. Earn While Using the platform

Lbry rewards its users using their cryptocurrencies call Lbry credits. You don’t have to pay to join the lbry community but you will gain an income while using lbry app or

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