My Political Betting Tips - 2024 Presidential Elections - My Predictions for 2024

By Keeef | CryptoFactor | 16 Dec 2021

My 2024 Presidential Bets

In a slight change to my usual subject of posting, I am taking a punt (get it?) on a new subject.  It's a bit of fun, and remember to never gamble beyond your means!  I realise I'm a little early, but I think we have a very negative picture playing out long term, and I want to get my bet's in early (years early) at good odds, believing that they will likely shorten nearer to the event.  

2024 Presidential Winner 2024

DONALD TRUMP - Reasoning as follows: The US's disastrous departure from Afghanistan caused Biden's approval rating to take a significant knock, and the continued inflation and state of the economy which no improvement in sight point towards a Republican win, assuming the election is fair. Though it is widely rumoured by insiders that Trump is planning on running again, including Steve Bannon.  

2024 Presidential Winner 2024 / Nominee 2024

RON DESANTIS - Reasoning: If Trump does not run, I think that DESANTIS is the strongest candidate! Similar reasoning for as above, I think the Republicans will take it.   

2024 Democratic Presidential Nominee 

HILLARY CLINTON - The mainstream media seem to want to make her president, giving her would-be presidential speech air time at every opportunity, and that's a pretty good indication of where they line up.  It's her 'birthright' to be President and Leader of the Free World after all... right? At massive odds of 42, I think that's worth a punt! 


Full disclosure: I was wrecked betting on Donald last US Election... let's hope there aren't so many postal votes this time around.  

I publish regularly right here on Publish0x about Cryptocurrency, this post is a bit of an outlier in that it's not my usual topic.   Please do remember that none of the above is financial advice, you should always do your due diligence.  

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