Bitcoin on the cusp of breaking $60k and heading to $135k for Christmas

Bitcoin on the cusp of breaking $60k and heading to $135k for Christmas

By Keeef | CryptoFactor | 25 Nov 2021

Bitcoin Price moves imminent

Bitcoin comes back in force to push the $60k level, and I am feeling as if this is the very start of parabolic price action. From historical analysis, the price may make a large correction and enter a bear market in the next month, however with the theory of lengthening cycles, this may end up with a good month for BTC and the market in general.  

To be on the safe side, I would still NOT FOMO in at this stage as nothing is guaranteed, and instead of waiting until BTC 'picks a direction', past $69k it would seem as if we are on for those large daily candles over $10,000 per day.  As per my previous blog post earlier today, I talked a little about the bullish cash and that such I scenario would play out after thanksgiving, however it seems to be happening before our very eyes right now.  You can follow me right here on Publish0x and earn crypto just for reading!

Price targets and market sentiment appears to be very bullish in general and there are some rather ambitious (yet possible) price targets.  

You ain't seen nothing yet

I'm looking forward to watching the charts and doing TA over the coming days.  I would LOVE IT if Plan B's 98k by the 30th November prediction came in, and I'm confident it's possible, although becoming more unlikely the closer we get. 

The Whales have moved a historical amount of Bitcoin on the exchanges in the last 24 hours, and I hope that this is in anticipation of taking profits.

HODL on and thank you for reading!

None of the above is financial advice.  

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