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Promoting the use of cryptocurrencies in an accessible way to more users is an essential task to make them more useful in our daily lives. Since its creation, there have been many technological advances and innovations that we have seen born, which enable and facilitate our experience with crypto much more, such as P2P mechanisms, Fiat access ramps, DEFI, among many others, but one of the most recent invocations and that I consider a very valuable tool to take advantage of our investments, are the Trading Bots. Very few platforms offer them and none have as many as those offered by Kucoin. Today we will analyze in detail the variety of Bots available for each situation that this great Exchange offers us.


Kucoin is an Exchange that was born in 2017, in the midst of the cryptocurrency boom, but that had already been in development for a long time since 2011, perhaps that is why it immediately became so famous and now occupies a place in the top 5 best places to trade cryptocurrencies. Kucoin is mostly known for being the site that gives the most altcoins a chance to be traded on its platform, and has won many accolades for it. Altcois represent 40% of the capitalization of the entire current cryptocurrency market and kucoin in this sense benefits from a flow of billions of dollars that are handled daily thanks to a wide variety of altcoins that seek to occupy a place top in the crypto space. In addition to that, kucoin offers very advanced levels of security, a first-rate online user service and support, a research and investment department called kucoin Labs, which is responsible for promoting innovative projects in the defi and Metaverse environment and in which More than 100 million dollars have been invested, a very intuitive user interface, very competitive commissions, among a wide variety of other benefits that you can enjoy when you open an account in this Exchange. If you are not part of kucoin yet and you want to start your adventure in the crypto world now, you can open one in just minutes through the link below.




One of the most recent innovations that the market has seen is the trading bots. With them, long gone are the hours in which we had to remain glued to the screen studying all the market fluctuations to decide which currency to invest in or not. Some platforms offer these bots, but the only one that has a wide variety for each situation and they are also owned and not provided by third parties is kucoin. Later we will analyze in detail each of the kucoin bots with which we can get very high returns and passive income without constantly monitoring the market on our own.

In my opinion this is one of the most important advances in the crypto environment, since not many users know how to trade correctly, and thanks to these bots they can benefit from already established bots that have left very high returns to other users or create your own with your own parameters. There are Bots in kucoin for trading in spot, futures, DCA, among others, and the number of users of these bots currently amounts to more than 7,200,000.



As I mentioned before, there are daily situations in the crypto market to take advantage of, and there is a kucoin bot for each of them. Its configuration and use are perfectly suitable for less experienced users in the area. And the only requirement is to have a verified kucoin account and have funds in your wallet. Let's analyze them in detail.

Kucoin spot grid

This is perhaps the most appropriate for all types of users, since most are used to trading in the spot market. His philosophy is to buy low and sell high taking very low risks and where better results are obtained when trading in long periods.

Kucoin DCA

This is one of the most used strategies when you want to reduce volatility when making a single purchase, since the bot is responsible for buying small amounts of the selected currency at pre-established time intervals. you can modify it to your liking, and place the amount to invest, purchase period, etc. It is one of the most used when a bull market starts

Kucoin Futures Grid

Like the spot grid, the philosophy of this bot is to buy low and sell high, but doing it in the futures market where you can choose to go short or long with a leverage of no more than 5x with which you can have both great profits and recurring losses if you do not have prior knowledge about the futures market

Kucoin Smart rebalancing

This product is intended as a kind of investment to manage our asset portfolio by allowing them to increase but having the same initial proportion in terms of percentage. In other words, if we activate the bot with an initial investment in our portfolios of 20% SOL, 10% DOT, and 70% KCS, if significant changes occur in the price of each currency and the aforementioned proportion varies, the bot will sell or will buy the missing rest to return to have the same percentage.

Kucoin Infinity Grid:

This bot is inspired by the spot grid, but its difference with it is that fixed amounts or prices are not established, but rather that there is no defined upper limit, which makes it ideal for operating in a bull market, since as long as the price rises, it will always it will sell high and buy low and the longer you leave it active, the more profits will go into your portfolio.


After having known each of the products available only in kucoin, we are going to proceed to take the Futures Grid as an example to carry out an operation. There are some things to keep in mind and that is that you must have your account verified and have funds in your wallet, the rest is a piece of cake. The minimum amount to trade this bot is 1460 USDT.

The first step is to access the kucoin bots section, which we can find by entering the following link or accessing it from the top bar of the official kucoin page as shown in the image below.



Once there we are shown a page with information on the 5 available bots, in this case we select the futures Grid, and click on create bot.




The procedure is quite similar in all bots. The following screen will appear in which it gives us the option to choose between the pre-established artificial intelligence parameters or place the ones that seem best to us according to our needs, we select if we are going to go long or short and that's it, the bot will start to operate as agreed. We also see there an option where you can take a small tutorial to clarify all the doubts that arise, which seems great to me in this type of market where there is a certain level of risk.




Whether you are a novice user or a professional in the crypto market and you are already tired of spending hours trying to analyze a constantly changing market to trade, this mechanism comes to change everything completely since through the kucoin trading bots we can get great returns without having to monitor or be aware of them 24 hours since they are programs specially designed for these cases. The fact that more than 7,200,000 bots have been created in kucoin, many with returns that exceed 6,000% of profits, means that more customers join every day and it is even more popular for all types of users. These bots really represent the future of a market that becomes more automated as time goes by and in which kucoin is ahead.


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