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For years, the effort to facilitate trading and investment in cryptocurrencies has been a common task of all the exchange platforms that exist. In each region of the planet today there are thousands of new people interested in investing in cryptocurrency projects to generate income, but when doing so they come across an existing problem, how to invest with the local currency of my country? . The solution to this diatribe is kucoin, one of the most famous and secure exchanges on the market which is constantly making efforts to allow the purchase of cryptocurrencies with more and more fiduciary currencies and thus give more users access to diversify their investments. in this sense, kucoin has created the integration with one of the most scalable tools to allow the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, such as SEPA, or single area of ​​payments in Euros, so that all residents in the countries of the European Union can easily access to buy cryptos in just seconds and without many complications. Stay until the end of this article so you can see how easy this process is through kucoin.


When you have little or no previous exposure to digital currencies, it is a daunting task to find a place that is friendly and easy to understand, and many users can become frustrated in the search. With the arrival of kucoin on the market, this changed completely, since, thanks to its light and fluid interface, comfortable usability, and easy registration process, it manages to meet the expectations of the most novice clients in the crypto world. It is also one of the exchanges available in more languages ​​that exist today, thus being able to facilitate its use in the most remote places on the planet. According to data from the coinmarket cap, it is ranked number 5 in the ranking of the largest exchanges by volume and is the number 1 place in terms of Altcoin trading, since it has more than 630 coins, many of them relatively little known. They offer a high potential return on investment for the most part. Seeking to allow users from all regions to access cryptocurrencies, kucoin often makes efforts to introduce all kinds of fiat currencies in more than 200 countries and today it has 51 fiat currencies including the dollar and the euro, which are you can deposit to buy crypto in just seconds thanks to the fabulous SEPA integration in kucoin.

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SEPA for its acronym in English, or Single Euro Payments Area, is an area in which citizens of all the member countries of the European Union can make payments and purchases in a simple way, even when they are not at its borders. nationals. Its particularity lies in the fact that payments can be made in an extremely simple way in a matter of seconds, which represents a very valuable option in the crypto environment. Users who want to access to buy cryptos in kucoin can do so through this tool, by transfer or with their credit or debit card, and payments can be made for up to 1 million euros in a single transaction. Here, there are no third parties involved, which gives a higher level of security and confidence to the process and the best thing is that no commissions are charged. This bet by kucoin represents a giant step to position itself in one of the most important markets on the planet, in which a large part of the world's fortune is concentrated, which can flow into the crypto environment thanks to the facilities offered by Kucoin in that sense.



As I mentioned before, today, despite the great advances we have made in the blockchain, accessing to easily buy cryptocurrencies with our fiat currencies is not an easy task. In my experience, I must say that I had to go through up to 3 payment gateways to change my local currency and thus have USDT to buy crypto. With the use of SEPA this changed radically, and for me it represents one of the most important advantages of this mechanism. In addition, since its launch on the market in January of this year, it has made significant progress, it is now possible to withdraw Euros, which was not enabled in the beginning and with this latest update on April 11 of this year, certain improvements to optimize the process



Although most of the processes to make transfers or payments from banks are a bit tedious, you will be surprised how easy and fast it is to do it through SEPA. Next, I show you step by step how you should do it, and the necessary requirements.
The first thing to keep in mind is that you must have passed the KYC level 2 verification process on Kucoin; This process is very intuitive and you only have to provide your data, photos of your ID and a selfie. after obtaining the verified check, you can access to use SEPA without any difficulty.

And the second requirement is of course to have a bank account in one of the countries of the European Union with its respective IBAN, from where you will proceed to make the payment through a transfer or with your debit card.
When we have met these prerequisites, we can buy crypto with SEPA by going to the assets section > Deposit > Fiat > EUR > SEPA or else access from the following link:


step 1:

we select third party in the upper bar and the system will direct us to the following screen, where we will see several boxes with important data that we must fill in, among them,

the minimum amount that is 30 USDT
the currency we are going to buy, Bitcoin for that example
the SEPA payment method
and the recommended payment channel which in this case was BTC direct





Step 2:

We read the terms and conditions and click confirm. The system immediately redirects us to the BTC direct payment channel page in which we proceed to fill in the required information as shown in the images below, to carry out a KYC process.


we proceed to fill in all our personal information here


we put our number and wait for a confirmation code to advance


then we upload a photo in front and behind our ID


we proceed to take a selfie with the ID in our  hand



and wait for our verification a few minutes



step 3:

once our KYC has been approved, we can now make the pending transfer and we only have to confirm and accept the transaction, and in the course of a few minutes we will have our funds in our kucoin wallet.

Step 4:

After receiving the funds, we can go to the trade section at the top of the page and proceed to exchange the euro for the currency we want to buy or go to the next link.  As simple as that 




Having access to buy cryptocurrencies with our fiat currencies has always been one of the main problems in the crypto environment, since very few initiatives have been created to achieve it. However, kucoin, with its association with SEPA, allows this process to be carried out comfortably, giving access to millions of people interested in investing in digital currencies throughout Europe, and in more and more regions worldwide. This strategy takes the platform to another level, and I am completely sure that soon there will be many more countries that will enjoy mechanisms as valuable as this one. I live in Venezuela and having a Fiat access ramp like SEPA in kucoin would be the best thing that could happen to us.

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