Coinbase Earn: A Great Opportunity to Receive Free Crypto!

As some of you are already aware, Coinbase has been steadily rolling out new cryptocurrency support onto their platform. With this comes their learning modules that play two roles: teach new users about each coin's identity, and entice them to hold onto them to participate in each respective blockchain. Coinbase is actually quite generous with this program. Per their website as of this writing, they claim they have $186 worth of giveaways for watching simple videos and taking short quizzes. Each one only takes about 10 minutes total to earn all the available tokens offered, but if you really were just in it for the money (which most of us are anyway-duh), then you can skip to the end of the videos and go straight to the quizzes. This method really only takes a minute or two max. HOT TIP: Coinbase doesn't care how many times you get the answer wrong, so just spam answers until you get the right one. Most of the quizzes award between $1-$3 and many of these modules also have bonus tokens available in higher amounts for inviting friends to learn about the tokens other tasks!




If you're new to Coinbase and or have yet to signup, the token giveaways are reason enough to signup. You could even just cash them out to your bank in USD when you're done instead of getting deeper into crypto.


Here's my coinbase referral link, as always using my link is not expected, but would nevertheless be very much appreciated!

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