By Andrey SML | CRYPTOENTER | 18 Mar 2020


CRYPTOENTER© is the blockchain infrastructure for digital banking, combining the functionality of interbank payment systems, acquiring services, electronic payment systems, phone payment systems. The basis of this is the Blockchain technology of data storage and validation by Hyperledger Fabric from Linux, which allows you to operate with fiat money and cryptocurrency. The developer is Smart Block Lab, an IBM partner, general member of the Linux Foundation and Hyperledger.

Easy implementation and complex solution of key problems of the global financial market makes CRYPTOENTER© easily scalable, covering financial institutions (primarily BANKS), regulators, exchanges, and final consumers of financial services.

Distributed registry technologies, cloud economics, cryptocurrencies, big data, the Internet of things are rapidly changing the face of financial services around the world, but the level of interaction between all financial market participants — banks, investors, ordinary users of financial services is far behind the requirements of the time:

• cross-border transfer between two people can still take several days, and transfer fees are 7-8%. The commission for transferring to Africa or the Philippines is 10%.
• in cross-border transfers, most global payment systems support only one currency pair
• cryptocurrency and fiat money exist in different worlds, cryptocurrency still can not be used in acquiring calculations


How does blockchain infrastructure for digital banking CRYPTOENTER © connect to banks?

Bank A concludes an agreement with CRYPTOENTER ©, receives a node, becoming a network validator (this happens in the bank's data center), then opens a correspondent account for the CRYPTOENTER © payment system.

Bank A users receive wallets, CRYPTOENTER © integrates with the user interface by integrating into the bank's UI and mobile application.

The blockchain infrastructure for digital banking CRYPTOENTER © will take the interaction of all participants in the global financial market to a new level, becoming the first infrastructure in the world combining traditional economics and innovative blockchain solutions, allowing for cross-border transfers in real time with minimal fees (from 0.3% to 1% ), with the support of all existing fiat and cryptocurrencies, making possible peer-to-peer (p2p) lending and much more!

Andrey SML
Andrey SML

Smart Block Laboratory is a team of R&D professionals dedicated to create contemporary game-changing solutions. Smart Block Laboratory is General Member of HYPERLEDGER, Silver Member of Linux Foundation and Business Partner of IBM.


The distributed register CRYPTOENTER © is an infrastructure solution combining banks into a single digital space for transmitting financial messages. CRYPTOENTER © is a blockchain infrastructure for digital banking, on the basis of which a decentralized financial marketplace has been created. Silver Member of Linux Foundation and Business Partner of IBM. Here will be posted relevant news about the project , as well as other articles on the topic of Blockchain and financial markets.

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