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By Novasky | DevPress | 12 Mar 2023

If you are a writer in the blockchain, metaverse and the gaming space, you have one of the new content creator program lined up for you. It's a program from the Gala Games. If you check my blog here, I write a lot about Gala games, though I am not their content creator yet. Something I think I should do but considering I am not tied to writing about only one brand of games, it's something I prefer to not do.

I was checking out the content creator program on blockchain and happen to came across the ads from the Gala games. They are taking the application as of now. I am not sure if it would be paid job or they are planning on giving you in game compensation by giving access to everything in exchange for writing. Such games can be like that you know, may not pay but would just give open lounge access type.

You can take a look at the application form here.

I think there would be some creator perk in the process which would happen post acceptance. And you would also get an idea on promoting and all that. I know this kind of writing approach may work for some who are into the content promotion type of the business.A lot of freelancers can do this and kind of use it as a portfolio. I have seen a lot of people finding this useful.

Another thing is that Gala has a lineup of games,  so you can write on each week write about something new.

But overall, I suppose this would be a good direction for anyone who wants to get into creator writing position which would not pay but can develop a following.



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