Vulcan Forged - Play to Earn Ecosystem that Earns LAVA Reward

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 10 Jan 2022

Vulcan forged is one of the popular play to earn game ecosystem. The ecosystem has two tokens - PYR and LAVA. You as a user earn the LAVA token based on the play to earn scenario within the ecosystem. 

Vulcan forged has 6 blockchain games that users can play and earn the rewards. The ecosystem has been growing slowly but userbase also is pretty much active over there. This means they are likely to be making some good progress in this space over a period of time. I am sure that in near future DeFi marketplace may open up for Vulcan Forged's in game items, NFTs and token too.


PYR Token

Everything you do in the Vulcan forged, you'd be making use of the PYR token. And it makes use of the token for major transactions. The token can be used and the claim can be made across various dApps and the games. So there is pretty much movable value associated with the token in the ecosystem. 

LAVA Token

So there comes our hero token which is used in game in every released game within the ecosystem. Later it can be converted to the PYR token and vice versa. You can later withdraw outside based on the ecosystem's reach across the DeFi and dApps. 

The base ecosystem has 6 total games released so far - Vulcanverse, Berserk, Coddle Pets, Arena, Battle Chess and Block Babies. 

Each game has it's own userbase and they seem pretty interesting. Yet they are not axie or splinterlands as of now. So we have lot of progress to watch out from their side. 

Vulcan Forged is a good project that has established itself for the various games and dApps. And the way they are progressing, even if CBDC comes in, they can be on the legal side and continue with the ecosystem. So they have pretty much figured out how to do things, all they need is enough interest of the people in their ecosystem so that they can bring out next Axie or Splinterlands. 

Let's see where this game ecosystem goes and what new things they launch. 

Check out Vulcan Forged Ecosystem


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