Vodafone becomes Node Operator for ChainLink

By Novasky | DevPress | 5 Jan 2024

Chainlink a oracle blockchain ledger. They have been out there powering up the swaps, dex and the variety of the oracle based smart contract use cases over a period of years. Now they are expanding and a lot of popular cloud services, network companies are signing up as a validator and node operators for their chain. One such node operator is - Vodafone. Now who does not know Vodafone? They are the networking, telecom and cloud company. 

They recently tweeted about their partnership with the ChainLink.

Vodafone is one of the node operator for the chainlink blockchain. And that is surprising that the telecom companies are getting into the blockchain and providing the node operator and the validator services. It seems like they seem to be learning from the blockchain technologies. And the way they are making the progress we can see how they are growing over a period of time. By being a node validator they are offering the services for the secure smart contracts and the validation on their servers. 

You can check out the news here

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