VNTR DAO - Decentralized Venture Funding DeFi on Arbitrum Chain

By Novasky | DevPress | 12 Feb 2024

Finance is getting decentralized ever since blockchain had the smart contracts. And the decentralized nature of the finance is still being watched over by the centralized entities. And that means if everything goes as planned as expected such type of the DeFi projects would be making much safe and secure choice to invest into on the blockchains. Venture funding and investment was one such area which was most of the time under the radar of the govt and the regulators and it was missing transparency. 

Blockchain based VC investment and DeFi is going to change that. It would bring more transparency, faster speed, easier take out and also building the credit of the decentralized finance systems through VC involvement in the DAO system. 


How does it work? The DAO has the interface where you get to choose the type of the tokens within the system for the funding and also the assets in it are - ETH, USDC, wBTC, and VNTR-wETH LP tokens. There is going to be VNTR tokens that would be working inside the DeFi as well as the DAO. So goes to show that the ecosystem is properly setup and there is going to be a safety for the DeFi investment. 


Think of this as a VC's treasury management dashboard. Where the VNTR tokens and the DAO in general is going to be making some good changes to the overall system, bring it more transparent, make more security around things. 


As this whole project is on the arbitrium's chain, you can expect good fees and overall performance. And things would be going in the right direction. I feel project like this is going to make the world more decentralized and things are going to be more profitable if right projects meet the right people and the DAO works out through safety and regulation. 

You can check out the VNTR DAO

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