Uniswap Saga: SEC attack on Decentralization!

By Novasky | DevPress | 13 Apr 2024

There is this local saying we have here, if you want to sustain in this world, never share your treasure. This is in context of telling people about your blessings and good days and they are kind of bringing evil eye on you. And this kind of ends up those good things ending up in bad days. So happens with the crypto. They did too much hype and the drama to invite govt into the crypto world and govt arrived. 

Now govt is looking after each and every currency like hound dog. And they are going to shut down what does not benefit their system and the tax platforms. So the Uniswap's turn is also coming and they are also going to be making the decentralization obsolete. 

Considering uniswap is a product that lists crypto marketplace coins and they are filtering it for the prices that would appear based on some indexed. And considering those are not real world security tenders, there is no way they can be treated like stocks. Which is a fair point from the uniswap. But the world works differently and SEC has their own counters. So they are coming with guns and the worldwide lobby. So it's upto the uniswap to combat this situation with the help of community. 

Uniswap may respond and may work on legal side. But it is time for another innovation to get out of the hands of the govt and the taxes and innovate more on the crypto. Who knows what may happen but in near times this would be a good direction to take. 

Interesting change of the events. I have seen so far how the DeFi has been constantly under the supervision and also there seems to be variety of issues that are coming in the exchanges too. Lets see where things change and how we are forced to adapt. Check out the official news from the Uniswap here. 

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