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The Myth of Passive Income

By Novasky | CryptoEd | 16 Aug 2022

I have been writing online for more than 2 years. I am far from perfect. I make mistakes, I am slow with getting results. Yet I continue to persist. I make sure to push my boundaries and also try to push my limits if possible. So I came into contact of the Passive Income since 2007. I started writing for websites like - Squidoo, Hubpages and few other sites. Then slowly the writing content farms started dying.

After waiting for years, I found writing content farms that started paying in crypto. Steemit was the first that I encountered then I found and hive. Later from the recommendations and the feed links, I found Publish0x. Till then most of the earning that I have done from such sites was very low. I however bought one bike out of the income from the online writing sites.

I had to rely on the online job in order to earn a good income. But I never made it to the Rich and Luxury. So I got back to the writing online again. Because I am not good with programming, not good with design and even doing those video things. So I had to rely on this broken skill of mine in order to stay alive in this world.

Let's talk about why I feel passive income is a bit of myth.

Active Efforts for Passive Output

You want to get some tips for your writing efforts? You have to write. You have to research and do the work. Which means you have to keep writing and keep reading. The moment you stop reading or doing anything. The stack that you are building up for passive output stops. And that means that your efforts are not going to pay off.

If you stop working on the passive income, you would find that your active efforts slow down, it would stop your cashflow. You have to be pretty active for passive income to work around. It's like regularly putting in efforts into buying the dividend share to get the yearly return out of the share. Apply this to the software, writing, arts or any action where you want passive income.

Time vs Efforts - Long Term View

Imagine I have written a lot of content since 2007, that content has now gone and buried as some sites died and some sites despite being alive would find that content not usable in google. A lot of content, my efforts to link those content all has collapsed and dusted. Which goes to show you that with time a lot of our efforts turn to dust.

Unless you are good looking bikini model or some guy who does blabber like MrBeast on youtube, you are not going to get the passive income as a reliable revenue model. You would get yourself chased by the new unicorn every year. And you feel like writing forever for reaching those goals. And by now you would realize chasing unicorns is not how passive income should be.

Efforts, Luck and Timing

Some of the efforts are purely based on timing. If I wrote about bitcoin in 2010 that would be called as wasted effort. If I write about it now, which is kind of a golden era, that would give me a good result for those efforts. If I write it in future where everybody knows about it and it's kind of over-chewed saturated topic, it'd mean the timing for golden era is gone and things are saturated.

Timing matters because you have to hit the nail when it counts. You have to continue to put on efforts every single day. You have to rely on the luck as some trends and the stuff dies down. So make sure to have all of these combined but you don't reach the output with the time.

Very few people succeed with the passive income. Some end up being featured in CoffeeZilla where they are selling their courses of how they become rich and how they are doing the passive income from their business.

Sure, teaching other people how to be reach, selling course, sure may work but not all of us with average face, voice and brain can achieve the same results.

What's your opinion on Passive Income?

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